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  1. 47 pickup

    Fuel pipe question

    Cable tying sounds a bit dodgy to me LOL. So heating the plastic pipe and pushing over the barbed fitting is the way forward for me. just like OEM. Thanks
  2. 47 pickup

    Fuel pipe question

    Hi, interested in how you handled the plastic pipe. How are the ends fitted to whatever you used? Thanks
  3. 47 pickup

    Fuel pipe question

    I need to make up and fit new fuel pipe along the chassis from tank to fuel rail and I need advice on what type pipe to use and a good supplier. I have been interested in the nylon / plastic type but how do you fit the ends successfully. Would prefer stainless pipe or mild steel. Are olives OK or flared ends the way to go?
  4. 47 pickup

    Hi from Hampshire

    Thank you for all your welcomes, much appreciated.
  5. Hi folks, the time has come to replace the flat head v8 in my 1947 Ford pickup and am looking for advice here. I need smooth running petrol injected motorway cruiser that will return good mileage with auto transmission with overdrive / 5-6 gear as the diff ratio is 4:1 Power in the region of 200 HP There is loads of space under the bonnet so clearance issues shouldn't be a problem. Other things on the list are power steering and brakes , so thinking maybe all from one donor vehicle .What would you suggest keeping things FORD of course. Thanks, Steve.
  6. 47 pickup

    Hi from Hampshire

    Steve here checking in with all Ford enthusiasts. Looking forward to help and advice from the Ford fraternity.