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  1. Is anyone doing this cruise at all as the new t charge comes into effect in London somewhere in April 2019. Not been for a long time as don't know where or when this is these days.
  2. Sorry 7 x 15 et0 Wheels are Bournemouth and Im near Oxford so not down the road to try and don't want to buy them and waste the time and money on it all.
  3. Hello all I was wondering if any 1 can advise on a set if 15"alloy wheels what the best et is so no running etc. Standard arches. Lowered 2" 2.8i struts Blocks at rear. 15" with et0 sat in a mates garage wants 350 with 195 45 15 tyres on them. But want to know what the best et is before buying them or any wheels at 15". Any thoughts or ideas would be great.
  4. Hell yeah, that was the problem, sorted and running, your friend gets a big "YOU DA MAN!!" Thanks so much,,, listening to the clumpy mare now ? VID-20181021-WA0002.mp4
  5. Cheers how you doing and what you got and where abouts are
  6. It's a Rover colour, admoranth blue, it's pearlescent and thank you
  7. Yes, plugs are getting wet,,, she just doesn't seem to pick up and go
  8. I'll give it a try tomorrow and let you know how she reacts... car's on the drive and not at workshop so not possible atm
  9. This is on trying to start her earlier this evening....
  10. This is on trying to start her earlier this evening.... VID-20181016-WA0000.mp4
  11. After the stubborn little lady wouldn't start,,
  12. Hi, you think replacing cam belt's a good shout?
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