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  1. RSchofield

    Rear Live Axle Choices (Cortina, Capri)

    Hi Marcel. Finally got an Atlas axle. It was a hell of a search. I'll happily honor the original £50, but it will need to be after Christmas now as I'm away. If you private PM me the address you want to send it to I'll get a quote for postage. I was thinking 30kg for the weight?
  2. RSchofield

    Cortina Atlas Rear Axle (MK3, 4, 5)

    It's a minefield this axle search. Can you explain what the issue is with the Atlas Sierra P100? Does it have the mounts on the Pig Head and can it accept a Capri diff? This is what I understand so far then about the Cortina axle varieties: · Cortina Banjo = English (No good in terms of strength and ratio options that I need) · Koln (Looks like an Atlas but with unequal bolt pattern) = (No good in terms of strength, LSD option or ratio options that I need) · Cortina Atlas Light Duty (As fitted to V6/Estate) - Has longer and narrower half shafts with more splines (22 I think) = No LSD option · Cortina Based P100 = Borg Warner (won’t accept a Capri Diff) · Sierra Based P100 = Atlas (Don’t know anything else about it)
  3. RSchofield

    Cortina Atlas Rear Axle (MK3, 4, 5)

    I understand that the p100 uses a Borg Warner axle, so I would struggle to get the ratio (3.09) I am after, unless someone knows otherwise.
  4. RSchofield

    Rear Live Axle Choices (Cortina, Capri)

    Hello Marcel, Thaks for the useful info. That lip/ring will certainly help with the search. I pulled the lid today. Unfortunately what I assume is the ratio isn't legible. See pic below. The crown wheel has 38 teeth if that helps at all. If not I will have another go at cleaning it up by I doubt I will be able to read it. Regarding the condition, there is some discoloration from rust (which is a bit exagerated in the photos) where I assume it has been standing a while. The teeth themselves however all look in good condition. Tried to capture below. Let me know if any of the above changes your mind. If you still want it I might continue my search for a new axle for a couple of weeks before cutting as swapping the axle will be a bit less faff. Thanks
  5. RSchofield

    Cortina Atlas Rear Axle (MK3, 4, 5)

    Thanks Colr6. Very helpful. Other than checking half shaft splines/diameters do t suppose you know what external clues there are between a heavy and light duty Atlas?
  6. Hi, does anyone have an Atlas rear axle for a MK3, 4, 5 Cortina they want shut of? I want to replace my Koln axle with an Atlas. Ideally in the South London Area (I'm at CR8). Thanks Richard
  7. RSchofield

    Rear Live Axle Choices (Cortina, Capri)

    Hello Marcel I couldn't find any markings on the diff so established the ratio by spinning the wheel and determined it to be just under 3 and a half turns. So you are most likely correct regarding the ratio. Regarding the best solution, I spoke to tickover in Dartford and got the same answer. Happy to sell it to you for whatever is a fair price. I'll be honest I don't know the value of these How does £50 sound? It won't be soon however as I want to keep it on wheels so I can move it whilst I source an Atlas unit. No plans to visit a show, roughly where does your sister live. Feel free to send me a private message. Thanks
  8. RSchofield

    Rear Live Axle Choices (Cortina, Capri)

    My only concern with a Cortina Atlas is many suppliers state that their LSDs are not suitable for the Cortina Atlas, but this may be the whole heavy duty / light duty Cortina Atlas issue. I think most Cortina Atlas axles have narrower half shafts. I'll make some calls
  9. RSchofield

    Rear Live Axle Choices (Cortina, Capri)

    Thanks for the info HotRodMatt, it does indeed have the two close bolts as you suggest. Maybe this makes the decisions easier. 2.8 Capri axle it is. It's a shame this will mean new mounting brackets as I really wanted to avoid this.
  10. Hello, I fairly recently bought a JPR Wildcat (e type Kit car) which has lots of Ford bit attached to it and it's in need of attention. I'm planning on fitting a larger engine (V6 from an Jag S type with manual box) but I need some advice on what to do with the rear axle. The donor was a 1981 something (I assume a Cortina as these were popular donors for this kit). Assuming all the parts came from one car, the donor had a 2.0L Pinto, 3 speed Auto box and a 3.44 live rear axle. I believe it's an Atlas, but not sure if it's a light duty or heavy duty. I would also like to upgrade to an LSD one day but I've read the Cortina axles aren't worth the effort (but unsure if this is only in reference to the light duty axles). My other issue is I need a ratio closer to 3.09 (like on the 2.8 Capri). Two issues with the Capri axle. 1. The 2.8 axles seem to be quite pricy, especially if it has an LSD 2. Mounting point are different to my Cortina axle. Note on my pictures below (Don't look at the rust, please don't look at the rust), I have diagonal arms on the pig head, Capri doesn't seem to have these (not sure what layout is best). I'm also not sure if the widths are compatible. I measure my axle to be 53" form inner flanges. I believe the Capri is 52" which is near enough (but not sure if I am measuring it correctly). Should it be flange to flange. Does 53" sound correct for a Cortina? So, given that I want to 3.09 ratio diff, with the option of LSD and I want to but a fair bit of power through the axle, and given my mounting positions on my chassis (I'd like to avoid serious chassis modifications as I don't want to go through the IVA) what options are best for me? Thanks in advance.