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  1. Ok great if you are wanting to sell how much would you want mate
  2. Hi everyone,so I’m looking for some spares and so far have drawn a blank on a couple of items which I’m hopping someone will be able to help with. Firstly locks, is there ant other model ford that will fit my escort, the locks are in the handles but so far I’m struggling to find any. Also seatbelts are they that rare or is there any othes that will be suitable for my car. those are the main ones I’m having trouble with but I also need boot lock dash heater vents windscreen heater vents and pipes indicator cancelling cam and the piece of plastic or whatever it is that fits round the column for the stalks to sit on. heater heater controls outer window seals/rubbers front indicators im sure there is more but this is a good start,if anyone can help or point me in the right direction I would be most grateful cheers matt
  3. Hi everyone, So after looking for 8 years or more I’ve managed to get myself a 1980 mk2 4 door escort ,it’s just a rolling shell but it’s a nice one. so now the fun starts and am hoping to have it on the road by next summer. I am looking for a few bits and pieces but the main ones I’m having trouble with is door locks I can’t seem to find any anywhere,anyone? So look forward to contributing to the site and will post pictures as I go thanks matt
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