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  1. sorry but I really like this
  2. Hi , does anyone know if a crossflow rear case gasket is ok to use on a pre crossflow ? I have fitted one to my engine and stupidly did not check it assuming I was given the correct gasket, I am using a Cometic gasket and they do not list one for pre crossflow and that was what I was sent. Thanks for reading
  3. Change of plan, fitted this genuine springalex instead
  4. Tiger seal is the best, wont shrink and you can paint over it, silicone will shrink ,fall out and can't paint over it.
  5. Would be a good idea to get the exhaust off the starter motor
  6. looks much better with the bumpers, I have the bumpers off my Anglia at the moment for chrome and then they will go back on even though the body shape does lend itself to looking good without. Great build by the way , it's a credit to you, lovely looking car !
  7. I know , I have reported him many times, yesterday he listed over 200 cars , none which belong to his brother, just pics from the net, out of 200 cars all he needs is to sell one at £4800 easy money. uploads pics and copy and pastes the description. When he is removed from ebay his user name changes and he's back on again within minutes.
  8. I would be careful with second hand cast alloys, a friend of mine years ago had a set of 4 spokes revolutions on a mk2 escort and the spokes broke away from one of the outer rims due to age and metal fatigue.
  9. Steering wheel arrived and leather is in really good nick after a clean and leather conditioner, to make it like Anita Taylor's wheel I drilled out each hole approx. 3mm larger and then removed the leather around the spokes which was only glued and not joined to the rest of the wheel. need to have a sleeve made to take the Anglia badge and get some bolts to bolt the boss together, he has drilled some extra holes in the boss for some reason and I'm pretty sure I will find out why when I come to fit it to the car. some before and after pics
  10. I had a proper sign guy do it, took him all day, had to be good with a knife because he cut them on the car? on the way home I pulled by the police, said that the stripes were the reason why he pulled me over for a vehicle check over? because it stood out like a sore thumb and he made me sit it the back of the patrol car like a criminal why he looked over it, I think I pi##ed him off because I never removed my sunglasses the whole time and he couldn't find a thing wrong with it. The 3 spoke rs fiesta wheels were a piece of cake to clean though
  11. My most favourite ford wheels are the 17" 7 spoke diamond cuts but never owned a set, they look best fitted to a series one, can't beat the look
  12. I only ever went to the Thurrock lake side cruise until they shut it down, got the clutch too hot and warped the flywheel on the rs fiesta turbo at the Thurrock cruise ? had to fit a new flywheel and clutch kit when I got home and it had that horrible belt driven mechanical ABS
  13. No you are right when I look back I would have kept the original wheels but they were badly corroded on the machined finish and I could bring myself to polish them
  14. After this I had a really nice series 1 RS TURBO that I completely rebuilt with all genuine ford parts, but don't have a single photo C909WRU, when I sold it the guy crashed it and the engine was removed and then fitted with a series 2 engine, about 3 years later I see it out on the road but i've not seen it since. I then had a few cars in between but not fords then a 1991 mk5 RS2000 came up for sale with a genuine 66,000 miles , full ford history, but now being 2004 and the car was now 13 years old it needed rear wheel arches and inner seals, this I kept standard, apart from removing the EGR system and changing the wheels for 17's, I found this comfortable to drive but a bit boring, preferred an XR2 all day long over the RS2000, best handling was the RS turbo fiesta and had very little body roll, easily would lift the o/s/r into a roundabout, but my favourite all rounder was my Series 1 for drive, old skool turbo lag performance and looks , can't believe I sold it for £2500 just before the values started to rise.
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