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  1. hooligan

    Anyone used a bestek electronic ignition

    ?When fitting a bestek electronic ignition should you fit resisted spark plugs ? or will standard plugs be ok
  2. hooligan

    clutch upgrade

    ? does anyone know the upgrade clutch kit that fits an Anglia to replace the original 3 arm assembly? the engine still has the 4 bolt flywheel. I know I will need and new release bearing and the spacer from burton, I have been told it's a crossflow clutch but from what cc and model ? or does anyone know the part number ? I have a 1500gt clutch I was going to fit but would like to upgrade to a conventional diaphragm assembly, will this make the clutch heavier ?
  3. hooligan

    ratio set up ?

    I purchased today a 3.9 diff complete with axle from a 1965 1500 Cortina airflow.
  4. hooligan


    The turrets are like it just came out the factory so not worried about strength, I may just get away with the ride if I do nothing else.
  5. hooligan


    Yes I understand about tracking, the guy before me lowered it and left the tracking , it was miles out, the front wheels are 0 now but the camber is positive very slightly and would like to adjust to the same but negative, I adjusted the toe in/out using tracking sticks which I calibrated, equal thread adjustment and steering wheel is also spot on. I am not interested in caster just achieving slight negative camber, the top mounts I gave you the ebay number for will give me exact adjustment compared to the offset fixed type which would involve caster to get the correct camber. Also would these top mounts make it too harsh for the road ? I don't want to be punching the turret through the body on our billiard table roads Thank you for your help.
  6. hooligan


    would I get away with TCA's with the standard steering gear and front anti roll bar ? I don't think Tom lists them anymore, I know Milton do them but you have to send them your old ones. I spoke to Tom a couple of months ago, a very helpful guy indeed but did not mention the TCA's at the time Would these be ok ? ebay 292605779268
  7. hooligan


    Hi, Can I just fit adjustable TCA's to the front of my Anglia with standard top mounts to bring the camber out slightly ? It has a shock absorber conversion on the rear with 1 1/2" blocks and has a coil and a half cut from the front. These were done before I owned it, the standard wheels and tyres were being eaten on the outer edges on the front so I fitted 5 1/2" j's with 175/60/13's, I then adjusted the tracking which was toeing in a massive 3 degrees !! The car now drives faultless but I would like to adjust the front to give it slightly more negative camber.
  8. hooligan

    ratio set up ?

    Thanks for your help, I think I will try and find a good 3.9, I wonder if a mk2 Cortina 1600E has a 3.9 as standard
  9. hooligan

    ratio set up ?

    Do you think it will be awful with a 4.1 ? that's annoying. had the gearbox on the floor 2 months ago
  10. hooligan

    ratio set up ?

    Is Changing the drive gearbox out ?
  11. hooligan

    ratio set up ?

    It is a proper standard 1200 all syncro box, did they fit a 4.1 in a 1500 Cortina then, I would rather not change the diff because then the speedo will read wrong. What about a 3.88 ?
  12. hooligan

    ratio set up ?

    Hi, If I were to fit a 1500gt engine into a 1200 Anglia with a standard box and a standard 4.1 diff would this be ok ? will it just make it more lively up to 70mph ? or will 1st gear be a waste of time ? Thanks in advance
  13. hooligan

    Torque settings pre crossflow

    Thank you colr6, should I recheck the head torque after running with those settings ?
  14. hooligan

    Torque settings pre crossflow

    Hi, I am building an engine to put in my Anglia and require the torque settings for the cylinderhead, crank pully and the 4 bolt flywheel, I can only find crossflow on the net.
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