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  1. I am very happy with my 1500 pre crossflow kicking out at a guess just over 100 bhp, the reason for removing the original 1200 was it needed every gasket and oil seal replacing and struggling to keep up with modern traffic so I built a direct replacement. I was in two minds to keep the original engine that had only covered 26,000 miles but after I fitted the 1500 I knew deep down what ever happens it will never be going back in the car so I sold it.
  2. I always make a car how I want it to be seeing as I will be driving it
  3. This is an improvement on an mx5
  4. Don't like to say it but your wasting your time, I have reported someone who is taking pictures of peoples cars and selling them on ebay many times and given up, always selling cars cheap for a relative, * location always Uk * he leaves an email address at the bottom of the advert asking to make contact for a payment, I suspect to put funds into a bent pay pal address, collects pictures from all over the net so don't be surprised if you see your own car come up for sale, try putting in classic car on ebay and dozens of his adverts come up. The cars exist but he owns none of them !!! Don't hold much hope about stickers when ebay can't even sort this one out, all they do is ban him then he just relists with a different user name a couple of hours later, ebay can't keep up with the amount of different user names this guy has. must be making a fortune !!! easy money and know one seems to give a rats arse in putting a stop to it.
  5. no.2, and also to mention the poor RS1600i in front of it
  6. I too run naked trumpets without issues, what main jets and air jets are you running Rich ? shouldn't really be spitting back through the carbs if it's running correctly, I do keep a small fire extinguisher near me in the car just in case, make sure it's not a powder extinguiser as they can do more damage to your engine bay than the fire itself. Super Help SH2400 Fire Stop Small Fire Extinguisher
  7. After a 5 week break from working on the car I have made really good progress, sorted the carb issue, throttle cable and spigot bush problem
  8. Well the clutch and bush is good now and I don't have rust issues so should be thankful for that, I have got a Weber LP1000 top mount throttle kit to fit but need to modify the pedal to take a cable which is going to be the part that holds me up, unfortunately the original throttle bar hasn't worked out connecting to the carbs.
  9. Time is a great healer but cars don't like sitting around for long periods of time, you end up doing added work to it later, I thought I would get some use out of it this year but spending more time working on it instead of driving it, done 14 miles total with 5 miles on a recovery truck I understand this is part of owning a classic car but have other priorities at the moment and could really do with things going right first time
  10. I bought one of those last week but what I didn't like was when I placed it over the gearbox shaft and held the outer race I could turn the gearbox shaft without turning the centre of the bearing so I opted for the bronze self lubricating original style. Didn't fancy hardened steel rotating on hardened steel.
  11. I recently sold a really nice 1500gt carb, manifold and air box, I was going to fit all the parts on the Anglia but with the heater unit still in place I would have had to cut a triangle shape out of the airbox to miss it because i'm not a fan of the K and N filter look, sold the airbox for £130 on it's own
  12. Trouble free, I doubt it, I have discovered this morning that due to play in the shaft of one of my DCOE 40's it is making the idle erratic, that's what happens when you buy second hand from stebay ,trying to save a bit money and fixing it will probably cost me as much as buying a new set in the first place especially when a spindle is £46 on it's own. As for selling it, it's only a whisker away...
  13. Replaced 1200 engine for a 1500gt in the Anglia, well spent 4 hours trying to mate it with the gearbox to discover that the spigot bush was 2 mm smaller than the gearbox shaft, then removed the bush from the old engine damaging it. with the engine crane on hire I could not just leave it and had a bronze bush made for the crank by an engineer (a legend on a Saturday evening) mated engine with gearbox, went to put the car in gear and would not go in because the wrong clutch cover had been supplied with flat fingers which should be a curly finger so was making it about 6mm out from disengaging the clutch even with the 10mm spacer fitted behind the release bearing. engine crane has gone back and now needed to removed gearbox as a separate job, all on the floor of course, clutch cover was replaced free of charge, no names because this thread is not to point fingers because everyone involved has been very helpful indeed and put it down to bad luck. Anyway gearbox out again to fit the correct assembly and took it for a drive, got 4 miles down the road and pulled over to do some carb adjustments, jumped it the car and depressed the clutch and bang ! then would not go into gear. Recovery vehicle to get home and assumed the clutch plate or assembly had broken up because I had good hydraulics, gearbox out yet again which was really difficult to separate from the engine and the reason was the spigot bush had grabbed hold of the gearbox shaft so be warned that statue bronze is NOT the same as self lubricating spigot bush bronze. So replaced the spigot bush for a new item and thought I would get this done this week so I could get to the Anglia's at the ace next weekend and now the throttle linkage has gone tits up and temporary held together with welding wire to get me home, need to fit a cable kit which means making a throttle pedal. Running out of patience as per title
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