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  1. Thanks for the comments! I was looking at classic ford show but being so far away and having work that weekend I’m going to give it a miss. Hopefully next year 🤞
  2. I've been on the forum a few months now and haven't introduced myself. I'm Matt, 20 from Kent, I got my first car when I was 16. A 1989 Mini, which I drove for a little while until it failed it's MOT on about a million things, mostly being rust. So i got another, 1981 Mini which i swapped the engine for a 1275, big valve head, weber 40, Kent cam, straight cut gearbox etc etc. Still have this in the garage which i use on weekends After a lot of saving I finally got the car I'd always dreamt of, 2 door Mk2 escort, not the prettiest escort in the world I do love it. I've engine swapped it to a 2L zetec on twin 40's on a type 9 gearbox. Its been lowered, lotus cortina steels which i feel match the paintwork nicely. Plans are to work my way around all the rust, it's not too bad to be honest (famous last words) and generally tidy it up as the mechanics are perfect. Hopefully see a lot of you at the shows this year!
  3. Such a shame, I’m only 20, I bought my 2 door mk2 October last year. After getting it on the road around March time this year I’d been using it daily until beginning of May when I was followed for a good 20 minutes on the way back from work one morning, between midnight/1am. They followed me around my village/town until luckily came across a police car. The car that was following instantly disappeared and I got escorted home by the police. Since, it’s been in the garage every night and I’m a bit worried to use it now. But, what can you do?
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