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  1. Ha - it may be a while to have that choice! My '78 has no engine at the present but it will be pinto'd to try and keep it loyal to the cause. Type 9 box is a must though. Too many jobs and not enough time on my '79 but only small and all pieces of history now eh!
  2. Hi - I am trying to find the paint colour choices available for RS2000s built in December 1977. I want to repaint it in its original blue which is light blue but I do not have the VIN plate to check - so thought it would be either Riviera Blue or Nordic - but Nordic maybe later? Any help much appreciated.
  3. Thank you for letting me join. I am lucky enough to have a couple of RS2000s one on the road and the other not yet. I will put a post in the relevant section but I am looking to check colour codes on my Dec 1977 blue RS2000 base model. My problem is that the car has had a hard life, been flat fronted, repainted, previously caged and VIN plate missing. I want to return it to the original colour which I believe to be blue but think there was two available - Midnight (which it isn't) but would that age be Riviera Blue (too early to be Nordic)? Anyone know? Thanks so much
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