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  1. SA custom wheels Assen Black 8 x 13 , OK wheels but very wide
  2. My 1600 Sport came into the country with brand new 8 x 13 5 spoke alloys, I just want some standard wheels, as fitted to SA sports.
  3. You were going to email me with some pictures and a price ?
  4. Hi , Messaged you 4 days ago, with my email address, did you get it ?
  5. That sound good Mark, I like 1st refusal on those please. 👍
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for a set of steel original wheels for my 1979 SA import Escort 1600 sport. I gather they are slightly different to our sport wheels. Anyone got any they would sell ? Thanks johnny
  7. Arrived today, thanks. And even smells of old Cortina's 😳
  8. Yes , that's a good option. I,m picking up the old ones from the body guy tonight, I'll have a look , good idea
  9. Thanks, I thought the same too, but I bought some MK2 Cortina ones, and MK2 Escort ones. They were both indentical, to each other, but not the same as MK1 Cortina.🙄
  10. I'm looking for a pair of good unworn bonnet hinge's for my MK1 Cortina, the paint / body man says that they a worn. Please let me know if you have a good pair for sale. Thanks Johnny
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