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  1. Private sale, sold as seen, no comeback, end of.
  2. I drove the 12 miles into work today, to try to get the rev counter to free up, it did a bit , so maybe i'll get away with out a strip down and clean. I put some LED bulbs into headlights , and wanted to set them up on the beam tester. and test them on the way home. I first set I got were appalling bad, very dim , but also no dip beam cut off. This set are bright and have dip beam cut off 🙄
  3. Looks nice, I've never seen a crossflow or pre crossflow manifold in stainless steel
  4. Rev counter fitted, unfortunately it's a bit sticky at idle,it probably hasn't been used in 40 years, just needs a wake up😜 IMG_0060.MOV
  5. I'm no computer genius, but I can follow instructions, even if they weren't for nodiz use, I had to watch a Spiyda u tube vid to see how to make it work with the Nodiz . True test is when I put it back in the car tomorrow.
  6. First picture is the old gubbins removed , and new electronics fitted. Second picture is setting it up,and testing its accuracy. Third and fourth picture are all back together.👌
  7. Well that's the rev counter done, and set up, bench tested, just got to wire up the the nodiz pulse wire, that's already in the loom. Here's a few pictures 😜
  8. Yes, I understand what you are saying, but it works , and has worked on other performance builds I've done . One facet pump pumps enough fuel for around 150 bhp, I'm going to be close to that , 2 will get it done. That's it.🙂
  9. I've got the rev counter out of the car , and on the kitchen table today, to fit the Spiyder rev counter conversion board, so it works with the Nodiz ignition ECU.
  10. Thanks, most of the cheaper stainless steel manifolds seem to be made from quite low grade stainless. They look lovely, all polished up new, but quickly start corroding, and looking like a mild steel one. I'm guessing this one will be the same, as it wasn't £500, but if it works well that's ok for me.🙂
  11. Its volume that's needed not pressure. And the filter is fitted the correct way.🤪 study the picture
  12. New pump arrived today, but too late for Dyno😞
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