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  1. Hi , I'm converting my 2 door Mk1 Cortina to rack and pinion. I'm using Capri front legs. What anti roll bar works best with this set up, Capri or Escort ? Thanks
  2. Hiya, I'm in Sussex also, near Hailsham. Where are you ?
  3. Hi All, I've just joined up. I have a 1965 Cortina Mk1 Finnish import 2 door 1500 deluxe. I'm just about to start a Lotus type recreation, with upgrades. So far I have replaced the rear springs for single leaf, and lowered shocks, made up a 2.5 inch exhaust front to back. After Christmas I'm starting on converting it to RHD, rack and pinion steering, duel circuit brakes, 1800 twin cam engine and 5 speed box. Is there anyone else on here local to me, I'm near Hailsham in East Sussex.
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