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  1. My thoughts too, mine was dynoed on cheapo morrisons fuel, as that's what I'll be using, as a road car 😁
  2. One side done, on to the other side, needs a bit of inner sill cut out and new metal.
  3. That's a tough question. It depends what you want ,personal thing really. I don't like standard cars that much, and get a lot of satisfaction modifying them. If your a complete novice, its probably cheaper , and less work to keep it standard.
  4. Dry powder is ok on electrical, foam isn't. Co2 is my preferred one, as its not messy, just don't breath it in, but I don't think any of them will do you any good if you breathed them in .😬
  5. I bought a couple of LIDL ones, they are dry power, very messy if you use them but, if it saves your car , its a small price to pay
  6. As people have said before, when they were worth not much money, they were just patched up to get though an mot test cheaply. No one did a proper restoration style , cut out, and let in new steel repair. So when we attempt to do a nice restoration job, we're met with a load of patch repairs over the top of the original rust, and twice as much work .
  7. Definitely a more difficult repair , if somebody has had a go before. I've had a bit of that on my Cortina.😬
  8. There's about 3kg of tar in the old sills 😳
  9. On to the outer sills now, they are pretty good , and they are the original sills, but they are pretty dented, and needed some localised repairs. I've decided to replace them. My mate folded up a pair in 20 g zintec steel, so I'm replacing both sides. The ziebart tar has protected it well, but it's a bugger getting it off ready to weld 🙄
  10. That's similar to what I started off with , they are a good starter welder. settings on switches are position, my old 90 had 2 switches 1 with 3 or 4 then position 2 with 3 or 4. 1 with 3 being the lowest amps, position 2 with 4 being the highest amps. your 3 switch one will be similar. Its a case of learning what position of switch selection is right for car thickness steel. The wire speed set up is keep turning the wire speed down until it doesn't push the gun back, and you get a nice constant buzz.. Just keep practicing on scrap steel till you have it set good, then do y
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