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  1. Well it turned out the bad running was not the dirty carb's, but the carb's to manifold Misab seal's not tight enough , and causing an air leak, and weak mix . That's sorted now and it runs lovely. Although the exhaust that was fine with the crossflow, is mega loud with the Mazda connected to it πŸ™‰
  2. Well , my assistant helped out with the nodiz, and I got the dash in position, dry run, set up the nodiz , started the engine all good, apart from the carbs are blocked, after 39 years on the shelf in the garage, I should have known they would need cleaning out. So that's tomorrows job, and the fuel pumps leak, so need to look into that also
  3. Retro 5 speed gear knob fitted, and 99% wiring done. Just got to wait for assistance with setting up the nodiz pro, as my arms are not long enough to do everything at the same time😞
  4. I've got some time on the barn today, so more wiring misery😀 Getting closer to a fire up😁
  5. I can't believe I missed that, and just down the road, I've been looking on eBay for weeks now πŸ™„ But for escort sport wheel, not escort Mexico, that's why I never saw it.😭 So I'm still looking for one chaps and chapeses
  6. That's just typical πŸ™ Thanks for the offer of the Cortina wheel, but it's for my escort sport, got to be a wide 5j 13 dart board style. Nice to be in touch with someone local to me , I don't know any oldskool ford people near meπŸ€”
  7. Hi all , I'm looking for a 5j sport wheel, of the type in the pictures. It's a wide type , see rim measurement. Any one got a spare one for sale ? thanks Johnny
  8. Can anyone identify the Pinto manifold wth the temperature sensor and heat pick up in the picture. The top one in the picture is from a MK3 2.0 S Capri. The pipe pairing and the tightness to the block is different, between the two. Any ideas ?
  9. Little bit more, covered the kick panel , and mounted the aux fuse box and nodiz unitπŸ˜€
  10. That looks a really nice motor, well done.
  11. Here's the clutch switch fitted , for the launch control.next job mount the nodiz and fusebox.
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