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  1. They were a great conversion carb , back in the day, working as good or better than a Weber 28/36. Vacuum secondary instead of the Weber mechanical secondary. More economical and plenty of power when the vac secondary opened. A good buy for someone.👌
  2. Yes it is a good shell. Its a Finnish import, and looks to have been undersealed, and Ziebarted very early on, maybe from new. It hasn't stopped all the rust ,but there is very little, that I'll address before the repaint. Its mostly dents on the lower panels from the stone roads.
  3. I now decided to bare metal the whole car , for a body overhaul and repaint. What a Shi**y job, and so much to do 😬
  4. Those Vauxhall slant 4's were half a GM V8 design
  5. I had a 2.3 Firenza SL sport, back in the day, when all my mates had Escorts. I had souped it up, with a Vulcan big valve head, piper 285 cam, and twin 48 Delortos. Janspeed exhaust manifold I never had it on the dyno, but I guess it made around 200bhp, too much for the Vauxhall gearboxes, I had to convert it to a Ford single rail 2000e box. Like most of my cars, I build them , and then someone else wants them more than me, and I sell them and move on to the next project.🙄
  6. Well today I've done a bit of investigative body work, just to see what horrors are lurking under the very heavy Finnish stone chip on all the lower panels. Very surprised........................ NO RUST😳
  7. Thanks for replying. I think I really need the Whole take out, with pipes straps etc, as mine is long gone. Do you have just the tank , or do you have all the associated stuff ? I'll email you over the weekend. Thanks Johnny
  8. Hi , I'm looking for a MK2 Escort Sport, long range fuel tank set up. Mine came into the UK with a side tank fitted, and the long range missing. If anyone has a setup they are removing to fit the side tank, I'd be interested in buying. Let me know if you can help. Thanks Johnny
  9. Correct, I can't measure it any other way, as I only have a 2 post ramp. I'm guessing it will reduce to around 3 Deg as more weight pushes the nose down.
  10. Wedges in , checked angle , looks good at just around 5 Deg. That's with rear car weight on the axle only.
  11. Looks nice now . I'm afraid the days of getting a "nice" car from South Africa are long gone. Stuff that's coming over now is pretty horrendous , in the bodywork and mechanical departments. But I suppose that's all part of the fun, getting it how you want it. 🙄
  12. Here's the wedges, and my extended single leaf spring locating pins. Wedges are 8mm. I think this may work , if not it's get the lowering blocks milled. Any way I'll report back when fitted 😁
  13. All done now, and changed the oil in the ATB as I've done some miles now and it will be run in now.
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