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  1. Great, and a reasonable price for the welding. To be honest you could do the hole welding yourself, if you had access to a MiG welder, that is the simplest weld to do. 😁
  2. I've just ordered up a tacho conversation board from spiyda, to alow my MK2 Cortina tacho to work in my MK1 Cortina with the nodiz ign module. Has any one done on here ?
  3. Just watched your video. I feel for you, that's bad news and disheartening. I hope you get back on track soon. Good luck.
  4. Don't forget to make sure the screws are secured πŸ™„
  5. As I've done a few miles now, and all the suspension has settled in, I have rechecked the tracking and camber that i set before. the car was on the road. One side the camber was not exactly the same as the other, so i reset that, rechecked and adjusted the tracking. I had initially set the camber to 1.5 deg neg, and the tracking to 0 deg. when I rechecked it after settling in , the tracking was toeing out a bit. I did experience a very small amount of bump steer. I reset the camber to 1.25 deg and the tracking to 1 mm in. This seems a good set up, as the bump steer has gone.
  6. My advice too. If the project takes too long, you will loose interest. Do all the mechanical this year, and do some remedial minor/patch repairs , so you can use it this summer, and then tackle the body bigger issues over the winter. That way you won't become overwhelmed with project Daisy
  7. Yes got to organise that soon. I m back at work unfurloughed next week, so will try and sort it out.
  8. Thanks, I've been driving it about local for a couple of days, to sort any teething troubles, and it's been good, but I do need to get the engine set up on a Dyno, I just had a educated guess at what jets it would need to run, and it's a bit weak off idle. So that's the next job really πŸ€”
  9. Its done now, I'm bored πŸ€ͺ Just need to find other OSF types to meet up with 😜😷
  10. Shakedown testing all done. It drives great, goes well, I don't know how it compares to a duratec. Carbs run the car well, only a bit weak off idle, but certainly ok till it's dynoed. Gearbox is very good and tight. Axle is a helical 3.9 and is a good match for the gearbox. Suspension choice was good, flat in the corners, but not a bone shaker. All in all I'm very pleased. Too noisy , but it's a screamer. I had to replace the alternator this morning, because they packed up πŸ™„ Cooling is good. Seats are comfortable and just the right hight. And all that sound proofing is very noticeable. Just got to sort out the fuel gauge.
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