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  1. I messaged the guy on ebay for a pick up postcode. Never got back in touch with me. That will be 3 people wanting to sell me a set of wheels. that never got back to me !!! So still looking...............
  2. Looking good, I think a bit lower would be good , if the tyres don't rub.
  3. I did once own a rusty red Citroen Ami 8....................... but I probally won't own an electric car.
  4. For me it was Exchange and mart for stuff anywhere in the UK , or Friday and for local stuff. 😁 As it happens the wheels are in London, though that is a big area, so could be not too far , but still need to get someone to pick them up 🙄
  5. Thanks, I'll have a look. mostly every thing is miles away from me , i'm down on the south coast. Once you factor in around £60 for a courier, they get a bit expensive .
  6. No reply to my PM's . I guess you don't want to sell them.🙄
  7. The 4.5 inch poly strip discs on a angle grinder worked like magic for me. A lesson learned was to do it outside, as they make a lot of dust.
  8. mine were chinese ones, luckily no explosive events happened. That's somthing to bare in mind when buying no name potential explosions , that could be a very nasty accident.
  9. I used quite a few 4.5 inch ones an an angle grinder to bare metal the car, but they are cheap if you buy 5 at a time, and I used small twist loc ones on a small 75mm angle grinder, and air tool for the hard to get at area, and a wire wheel on a drill, for they very tight areas.
  10. It takes evey thing off, without dammaging the metal .
  11. A poly strip disc is not a blasting method, I guess if you havent used them, you won't know why you wouldn't use anything else for stripping paint rust and filler.
  12. Is there a reason you want to use a paint stripper ? it's very messy. I stripped my complete car with poly strip wheels, dusty but cleen.
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