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  1. Soansey

    My Anglia

    Nice looking car, what tyre size are you running?
  2. It’s being done at R.H.M Bodyshop in Launceston. my mates business, they are very fussy and turn out lovely work. Not looking lovely at the moment though.lol
  3. Soansey


    Hello and welcome.👍
  4. Few pics of some of the parts having a coat of Epoxy.......
  5. Soansey

    Mk 1 project

    That’s awesome mate, bet your well chuffed.👍 cant wait for the day when mine moves under its own steam rather than on a jig table.😂
  6. Soansey

    Hi everyone

    Hello and welcome. merry Christmas.👍
  7. Then...... on to the jig,some measurements then some cutting..... please excuse the Herbert in the last photo, he’s only just house trained!😂 But he is very good at his job.
  8. I think my list might just about trump yours as you will see😂😂😂
  9. Thank you for the support Mark1, as after reading through your build you obviously know your stuff and have top metalwork skills👍 the shell isn’t as clean on closer inspection as you will see by the photos to come, in fact it’s major surgery but will be near on perfect when completed, as said earlier it’s a keeper so worth the time and expense.
  10. Soansey

    What did you see on the road today?

    That is so pretty, never get bored of gazing at a mk1, this forum just makes me want to push harder to get mine done.😎 The backdrop isn’t bad either!
  11. Then into the booth for some Epoxy protection before the repair begins. it looks ok from here but close up its full of pin holes everywhere, I don’t want it patched really as would be concerned about the rust coming back. will be replacing panels where possible.
  12. So a couple of pictures of rust and previous repairs, you start to see it’s not that great!