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  1. J birch

    Hi everyone

    Ye I’m watching a super chip at the mo thanks buddy
  2. J birch

    OSFDC 2018 - ROUND 2 - 2nd/3rd June - CF Show

    Cheers vista I’ll message now
  3. J birch

    Hi everyone

    That sounds awesome love the mallard green there was rs1800 on eBay the other day in that colour so nice
  4. J birch

    OSFDC 2018 - ROUND 2 - 2nd/3rd June - CF Show

    How do I enter this and is mk3 fiesta running cvh with Kent cam s1 clutch and lightend flywheel allowed
  5. J birch

    Hi everyone

    Ye I had a white rs1800 always wanted turbo Finley got one this year I’ll try put build thred up soon I was goin to look into chips was urs superchiped
  6. J birch

    Hi everyone

    Hey buddy ye the mk3s are great parts still available they starting to go up in price I’m picking a van mk3 up after crimbo so hopefully using that as a daily the mk2 I never drive coz it was my late fathers so i restored it
  7. J birch

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone I’m Jamie from Shropshire Im new here I have a 1984 fiesta restored I also have a mk3 fiesta track car and I’m restoring a fiesta rs turbo looking forward to getting to know u all