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  1. It’s a standard dash I believe
  2. Hi so my dash is not working properly due to broken connections etc, is there anybody that either repairs the circuit board side of these or has anyone got a set of working mk2 clocks for sale at a reasonable price.Also who are the best people for fitted carpets,I’ve seen some right abortions on eBay for £100, it’s not the price that puts me off I just don’t fancy a moth eaten carpet cheers.
  3. Hi everyone so I’ve fitted a big wing sump from premier motorsports onto a 205 pinto engine for my mk2 escort ,the dipstick fits fine and doesn’t bottom out in the sump. my question is when filling with oil should the sump hold the same capacity as for the 2.0 pinto or a little less,do I just fill to the mark on the dipstick. im presuming the majority of oil will be in the wings as such and shouldn’t be a problem for the crank. any advice is most grateful thanks
  4. Surly the alternator wiring is just a re route round to the other side obviously I’ll need to change the plug etc
  5. I do not have a servo tower was more concerned about the colomn. the manifold I was looking at is on eBay at a 2” sportex but there’s no point in buying one if it’s not gonna fit
  6. Hi everyone so I’m putting a 2.0 pinto in my mk2 escort and I’ve just got a couple of questions regarding exhaust and radiator. with the pinto I’m planning on having a 4 branch manifold and was wondering if anyone had encountered any problems with room etc near the steering colomn I’m hoping the exhaust has enough room to go round. The next question is regarding the radiator and the fan as I had to remove the fan to get the engine in for a test fit but did look close to the space where the rad sits. Does the rad sit flush in the hole or does it stand proud, I know these may seem like silly questions but I do not have the rad or exhaust to try yet And don’t want to spend loads of money on them if I have to fabricate my own exhaust and alter the rad aperture to fit thanks guys
  7. Awesome thanks everyone, yes I’ve seen those sumps might be less hassle to buy one of those
  8. Hi guys, I’m putting a 2.0 pinto in my mk 2 escort and was wondering if anyone has any heads up for the modifications for the sump to get it to fit over the crossmember and rack. im guessing you wing the rear of the sump and chop some from the front but how do you know you’re getting the oil capacity correct? Is this really that critical or am I just over complicating a simple task? thanks
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