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  1. After 8 months in the paint shop she is finally home 😊
  2. Had a word with a local saddle/ leather working guru and he is going to have a look at it for me to see if it can be "sympathetically " restored rather than being recovered 🙂
  3. Hi all . As title realy a pair of genuine black rear 3/4 door cards. They are 7 out of 10 to be fair, some scuffs and the like. Remember there 40 years old 😊 just what you see, no ashtrays. Am going to put them on here for a few days before i throw them to the masses on evil bay. 45 quid posted or pick up in the grimsby area or will run them out to you in a 50 mile radius for the fuel . Regards Eddy
  4. Where the leather joins up around the back its split, i am in 2 minds weather to have it stitched together or have it recovered. It might be a bit tatty around the edges but it is original. Its a bit of a hard call tbh.
  5. Hi all I am looking at getting my Rs steering wheel refurbished, is there a company out there that does this sort of thing thats reputable and reliable. Thanks in advance ☺
  6. Thanks 😊 The road has been long ( and expensive 😫) i can't wait to finally bolt some stuff back on it for a change 😉
  7. Just a quick update... After missing a pair of holes in the rear 3/4 panels that needed filling and repainting 🤦‍♂️ and haveing to wait 7 weeks for the lacquer to show up all the yellow paint is done now, just waiting for the black paint to be finished and i can have her back 🤘
  8. I thought as much !! I have got a repo FORD letter front grill to go with the early boot lid , i was just unsure which badge to use . I think i will order a set before his prices go through the roof 😁
  9. Hi all . I will be fitting an early style boot lid to my escort, ie the lid that has F O R D in letters by the boot lock, my question is which escort script badge is correct for that early style of lid ! Top one or bottom one !!
  10. Big redd did mine to !! They did a spot on job as well 👍
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