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  1. Its a King joke 🤦‍♂️ I bought a pair of cibie 7in headlamps from my local car parts place about 2 years ago for 45 quid brand new , you see 2nd hand ones go for 100 quid a side 😳
  2. Is this anyone from here 🤘🤘
  3. A few progress pics !! I got the x member and rack bolted in. The ajustable tca's, twin cam arb and brackets on as well.
  4. The one whare Chandler looks fooked 😆
  5. BIGG RED all the way !! They did a fantastic job on my princess 4 pot callipers and supplied me with a spot on calliper rebuild kit when i refurbished a set of MG ZR160 front brakes 👍👍
  6. Didnt some 1100 mk1 escorts come with a 4.1 diff ? Cus that would be a pain in the arse on the motorway!
  7. My mk2 escort was a realy late German built rhd car, November 1980 if memory serves and it was fitted with a 48in wide koln axle when i bought it originally.
  8. The car has got poly bushes all round as it is but i found on a previous car that poly double width arb bushes transmitted a hell of a lot of shock through the body and a swop to hd rubber bushes made it better ! Also i have steered clear of using rose jointed ajustable track control arms cus they are just to harsh for the road, this build has poly bushed ajustable arms to avoid that.
  9. Well it started out as a rally car build but its to good to rally if i am honist so i just kept the wcxm !! I have driven lots of Mk2s with a wcxm fitted and there not as bad as people make out i think ! And its not like i will be puting 20k miles a year on it , because yes then you would be sick of it 🤣
  10. Been a while but an update is due !! All of the rear end is done now, all new wheel bearings for the RS half shafts fitted and the correct lsd gear oil and diff gasket is done . I have had to have all the front end off again and have all the parts re power coated due to over spray on a lot of ltems 🤬 . I have fitted new 145lb front springs and got a set of ajustable bottom track control arms to go it , had a bit of a job getting the billet rack clamps to fit but got there in the end !!
  11. Thats what i was hoping!! As the taper in the bolt on RS steering arm is the same be it off a mk1 or mk2 escort . Will get a pair of mk1 rod ends and go from there me thinks !
  12. Thanks there but i have got 2 spare racks that i can rob arms off 👍
  13. I have got a pair but they wont fit the unf arms in the photo cus the green track rod ends are an M14 thread 😔
  14. Hi all. After haveing a job fitting my billet rack clamps ( lots of filling to make them fit) it turns out i have got unf rack arms ( mk1 escort?) Not the M14 metric mk2 arms 🤦‍♂️ My question is is there a track rod end that will fit the unf arms and fit to rs style bilstein front struts or have i got to swop the rack arms to the M14 arms and use "green" track rod ends . Thanks 😊
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