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  1. Big redd did mine to !! They did a spot on job as well πŸ‘
  2. I bought a job lot of black handles years back for 60 quid, picked the best out and had them anodized black at our local power coating place for 20 quid !! Job done. 400 Quid for nos handles is just fantasy money, i would rather go with out then line the pockits of " scene hawks" cashing in 😑
  3. Very true πŸ‘It had to be a standard period ford colour as well, just because !! Tbf a mate of mine has a Midnight blue Rs2000 and it just stunning and it nearly edged the yellow out as well but i am glad i chose yellow. Its a bit of a marmite colour i find, some cars it suits realy well, mk1 fez, E36 M3 , old 911 Porsche's that sort of thing and some stuff just looks pants in yellow !
  4. As and when it gets its done i will post some more pics up , the storage it is in now doesn't do it justice, i had the bonnet outside in the sunshine last week just to give it a cleen and the paint work just gleams , you nearly need sun glasses πŸ˜† It took ages to choose the colour, i originally wanted a black one to do a bit of a JPS rep but a old retired paint shop forman friend of my dads said that old cars should stand out in bright colours so signal yellow it was 🀘
  5. I have just got the black bits around the rear windows and the door shuts and the front panal to get finished and it will be 100 % done !
  6. I hope not, its nearly given me a heart attack to get it this far 🀣🀣 i am 40 next April, i would like it to be done for then !
  7. After all these years my mk2 has the paint job it deserves, i dont mind saying i have shed a tear or 2 tonite πŸ˜ͺ
  8. After owning this for 18 and a half years it finally has the yellow paint job it deserves πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘I dont mind saying i have shed a tear after all these years of being let down so many times πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
  9. Hi all, i will be fitting princess 4 pot front brakes to my mk2 escort, question is 2 or 3 " old hand " rally chaps round here that had clubman spec mk2 rally cars in the day have all told me that you must use 2 brake pipes to feed the calipers as they were on the princess as they just dont work as well as feeding one inlet pipe and using a crossover pipe into anouther bleed nipple. What are people's thoughts on this ? Regards Eddy
  10. I dont think you can . I had the large top plates in the kit of bits it seemed silly not to change them while i was doing the rest of it .
  11. Outher spec as follows... Wccm fitted Bolt on double width brackets Twin cam arb Ajustable track control arms 2.4 turns lock to lock quick rack World cup billys Princess 4 pot brakes Tunnel modded to take rs2000 4 speed box Braced English axle with 4.1 lsd Rs shafts Mk1 capri 3L gt rear drums and back plates Genuine front quarter bumpers 12 point safety devices roll cage Bias pedal box . Also have converted the car to early spec F O R D Front grill and boot lid with black lettering.
  12. It never came to me with the vinyl roof on it, only the outline of said roof in the overspray 🀣
  13. Its not my garrage 🀣 its just the place i had the bodywork done !!! The garrage it lives in is a converted pig sty πŸ˜„
  14. Hi all . Probably time i put some pics up of my mk2, 2 door escort up . She came to me 18 years ago for the princely sum of 1500 quid and i thought i payed over the odds at the time 🀣 It started life as a red 2 door 1.3 gl with a black vinyl roof and was one of the last mk2's to be made as it was registered in jan 80 . It is a german built rhd car that was originally fitted with a kloin rear axle. It only realy needed front wings , splash guards, 2 tiny bits of floor pan repair and the rear fuel tank well and the spare wheel well replacing to get rid of the rot . I managed to save the original bonnet but the doors and the boot were past it so had to find replacements. Shell spec as follows .... Full RS body strengthening kit fitted Cut out for tall rad fitted All paint drain holes welded up Seam welded front chassis rails and under heater bulge HD crossmember weld in bolt kit Gp4 front chassis skids Anti tramp kit Panhard rod kit 10 gallon fuel tank in rear Full alloy fire wall Enjoy !!
  15. I had heard they were off taxis!!! I have asked the seller twice now for some pictures of the ford part numbers that are stamped on them cus i dont want to waste my money on fake ones . Will let you know how i get on 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
  16. I have found some of the above on evil bay 🀣🀣 Carnt ever remember seeing them on the option list πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  17. Had 2 good bargains lately, a pair of east Kent trim repo black 2 door mk2 escort door cards. Just taken out the packaging but not fitted , 80 quid posted πŸ‘ And a complete mk2 escort base model, 2 door, rhd x flow wiring loom to finish my project off . 75 quid πŸ‘
  18. As title realy, i have tryed to rescue my original wiring loom but to no avail!! My car was originally a 1.3 L so i only need a base model loom . Cash waiting will travel to collect πŸ‘
  19. I could do with one as well !! Just a standerd 1300/1600 rhd one would do . You would think nowerdays someone would be reproduceing them , theres a fortune to be made there .
  20. Hi all, I have got a genuine conversions and tuneing twin inch and a half su to x flow inlet manifold for sale . I have had this for years and am never going to get round to makeing any use of it !!!! All yours for Β£55 inc post. Located in grimsby if by any chance anybody local wants it then its Β£50 !!!
  21. Thanks for that ! I am going to the paint shop today so we will see what i can find out.
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