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  1. I could do with one as well !! Just a standerd 1300/1600 rhd one would do . You would think nowerdays someone would be reproduceing them , theres a fortune to be made there .
  2. Hi all, I have got a genuine conversions and tuneing twin inch and a half su to x flow inlet manifold for sale . I have had this for years and am never going to get round to makeing any use of it !!!! All yours for £55 inc post. Located in grimsby if by any chance anybody local wants it then its £50 !!!
  3. Thanks for that ! I am going to the paint shop today so we will see what i can find out.
  4. I did post to that topic !! I deffo want signal yellow, like i said the spray out card just didnt look like the rite shade. It was to dark.
  5. Hi all, Am nearly ready to have my mk2 escort painted signal yellow after haveing the dam thing nearly 18 years , my problam is that my bodyshop chap has come back from the paint suply shop with an sample of the only ford signel yellow on his list and it just doesnt look bright enough 😕 The can has ford signal yellow/cadniam yellow writen on it.My question is has any body got any paint codes for signal yellow that i can try and get cross refarenced with my paint shop ?
  6. Hi all. I have got a set of 4 7j x 13 in ford fit allycat rims for sale . They have got the orignal plastic centre caps with badges and are fitted with 205 60 13 for one pair and 185 55 13 for the outher. They are the older proper allycat rally speshal rims not JBW copys. In orignal polished and black finish with the odd mark in them . Looking for £100 ono. Located in grimsby, can delever for the cost of the fuel.
  7. Depends what you want to do with your escort !!!! In my eyes it carnt hurt it by fitting it and being on the safe side. I only did that mod to mine as i had the axle off at the time on the bench at work and thought why not.
  8. Signal yellow all the way !! After owning 3 yellow cars now ( 1 x signal yellow mk2 escort and 2 x yellow mg zr's ) i am haveing my latest mk2 painted signal yellow. Its such a stand out colour and i think classic cars should stand out with bright loud colours .
  9. Give me a day or 2 , will pop by whare i keep the old girl and get a pic or 2.
  10. Hi all , haveing a clearout !! For sale 15 x 7j rs Option extra sierra cosworth/Rs 500 rims . I have owned the rims once before had them on a orion , got the chance to buy them back so i did ! Two of the rims need re powder coating due to kerb marks . All the center caps need re coating and a set of new badges ( Dmb graphics stock them ) to make them mint again. All the tyres are scrap and have been removed . £250 ovno . Am in north lincs . Can deliver for cost of the fuel within 150 miles of grimsby.
  11. The lotus anglia for me please !!
  12. As per the escort rally prep book my english has a piece of 3/4in cds tube welded from the spring hanger under the diff bowl to the outher side spring hanger. Carnt hurt it !!!
  13. I have a complete low miles xr3i 5sp BC seires box, x member and shafts if your intersted .
  14. I have a set of these to go on me Mk2 escort when the time comes ? They are 100+ rims from way back . 4 x 108 so no adapters req !!! Proper 3 piece split rims with the centres painted a stock audi gray with a tint of metalic thrown in for good mesure . Fronts will be 5.5j, rears will be 6.5j .
  15. Everybody at some point has sold a car and come to regreat it in the cold light of day ? I had a near mint 4 door light blue mk 2 cortina 1600 super auto that had been parked up and dry stored since 1990, one owner, all the paper work from new . Was parked up due to the moter throwing a rod , bought it out of the back of the local paper for 400 quid and had to sell it cus i lost the storage space for it !! TRR630G whare are you now !!!
  16. Havent realy got many pics on this phone of the long slow drawn out process that i have taken to get it this far !!! Basic run down thus far ... The shell was one of the last german built rhd 2 door escorts off the production line , started life as a red 2 door 1.3 GL with a vinal roof and a kloin axle fitted . Some whare along the line it was fully striped down to become a grasstrack car ?? but a mate of mine saved it from that sticky end and kept it in dry storage for years as a spare shell for one of his rs2000,s that he had. He ended up selling said RS and after months of pestering him he sold it to me for what felt like a small fortune 16 years ago for the princley sum of 1500 quid !!!!
  17. Hi there !! Used to be a member a few years ago, thought it might be wise to join back up as my long term mk2 escort project ( only had the dam thing 16 years now ?? ) is finely weeks away from being painted !!!
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