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  1. Did the Aeroflow sheeting stop your jandals from melting? p.s I was going to use 'thong' instead of 'jandal', but that might confuse our northern hemisphere friends.
  2. Thanks colr6. The rear trim does look good - balances it with the all the chrome on the front. I have a pile of chrome trim that came with the car, and on my list of things to do is clean it up and add the window trim. I'll see if there is rear trim also, although drilling holes in the boot and body is not so appealing.
  3. Hi, First car was a Mk 4 1600 Cortina back in 1985, and I now own a 1969 Mk 2 with 2.0 ltr Pinto, mild cam, extractors, 32/36 Weber, electronic ignition and GT dash etc. Not an original GT unfortunately. Super reliable and just about an every day driver (not so much in the winter).
  4. A cheap experiment would be to find a small diameter (say 1-2mm in cross section) o-ring that has the same diameter as the cap seal. Drop that in the neck and screw the cap on. Alternatively try a thin piece of rubber cut from a bike inner tube and cut it to the same OD & ID as the seat in the neck. Worse thing that can happen is that it drops into the tank and you have to fish it out. Shouldn't be able to pass through the radiator.... If that works you know it's the neck. If it doesn't work it could still be the neck because the o-ring/rubber hasn't done its job.
  5. Hi, I'm looking to replace my Type E gearbox (bolted to a Pinto in a Mk2 Cortina) but noticed it has what seems to be an odd tail housing on it. As per the image, it has a mount towards the back end with 3 holes in it. The exhaust guy used this to attach a solid exhaust mount to - which is a convo for another day... It also has the standard single-bolt mount that the gearbox cross-mount attaches to. The only images and diagrams I can find of the Type E don't show this additional mount, and the Type E box I'm looking to purchase doesn't have it either. Can anyone shed some light on this? Dimensionally the 2 gearboxes are the same, and appear the same everywhere else (as far as I can tell), but I want to make sure I'm not missing something before I extract mine out of the car and make the purchase.
  6. Did they fit a new neck or put the old one back one? I had a similar problem with coolant loss, even with a new decent quality cap. There should be a slight lip inside the neck that the rubber seal of the cap seals against. In may case, the (relatively soft) lip had worn flush from use and the cap wasn't sealing properly. With a new neck on the water level has been stable at approx 10mm below the neck for months.
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