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  1. Wow! I thought my MOTs came with a long list..... I've never had a "Do not drive until repaired (dangerous defects)". That's quite something. 😱
  2. I am of a similar vintage and, absolutely, the idea is to have fun! Let's face it, we're not going to be forcing Lewis Hamilton out of a job! Although, I do find that the fun increases with competitiveness... I always say to myself, "It's just fun. Enjoy it." Then, I close my visor and find that it is red-tinted.......!!! Anyway, I was only trying to be helpful... 😀 Enjoy
  3. Very nice (as commented elsewhere). I love that exhaust - does it manage to achieve equal length primaries? Bit surprised you didn't go 4:1 if you're intending to hill climb, but that's a seriously nice piece of pipework. Also, I think you said elsewhere you were looking for a Capri 2.8 diff. Won't that be too long for hill climbing / track work? I had a kit car running 2.0 pinto with ~140 hp (can't remember the 'box type - poss Sierra 5-spd). I ran a 3.09 diff at the start of the season and changed immediately after the first race, as I was getting destroyed on the straights. It had a theoretical top speed of something like 130 mph, but I wasn't getting out of 3rd on the Revett Straight at (the old) Snetterton! So, I changed to a 4.11, which was much better.
  4. I have a question: How are you going to fit that massive engine in the engine bay?!?! 😋 Seriously, though; very nice. Is there a reason you're going for such a tall diff?
  5. I'm very pleased to see that they have thought about safety and made sure the boiler flue exits above the upstairs windows..........!
  6. Yep, it's a pain! All that space and still everything gets in the way! I bet the odd wires are all one colour as well! Whichever massive cut-price drum of cable the last owner got hold of... I've got a MkIV/V Cortina manual if that's equally as useless to you!
  7. Does this help, it's for an '84 Sierra...
  8. Ha Ha. Yes, just noticed that... Items 80 & 85 on the diagram are the switch and motor, as you probably know from DT36's diagram. It could be that switch is different, but the wiring the same, i.e. there's an extra switch in the, erm, switch. I'm at the limit of the information I have and my talents, so I'll slowly back away now.......
  9. Should have said, the diagrams are: Charging Starting & Ignition, Exterior Lights, Interior Lights, Horn Indicator & Hazard Lights and Heater Wiper & Ancillary Circuits. The RS2000/Mexico supplement has no additional diagrams - same as the others.
  10. Which diagram do you need? My manual (for '75 on) has 10 diagrams (5 for Base, L & Sport + 5 for GL & Ghia).
  11. I think they made the right choice with the round tail lights.... A much happier looking car to follow!
  12. It does look like the bastard daughter of an armoured car and a 2CV....!
  13. Mostly "Aaaaaaargh!" Although, I find myself lightly drawn to the in-the-weeds All Aggro estate.....!
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