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  1. Thanks, Katana. Yes, I'm currently keeping the cast manifold. Future plans may take me down a different (GT?) route, but since I seem to have one of the few remaining standard exhaust systems and a bog standard engine, I'm a little reluctant to go that way yet. I seem to be headed down the remove studs and do something different approach. Do you know what the thread in the manifold is? Is that 5/16" UNC, or something different? Looking at the state of mine, I'm not sure I'll get them out - without shearing them anyway!
  2. So, I now have a non-leaking cooling system. 😀But, the exhaust is still causing a headache. The studs seem to be too short. Even with the exhaust snugged up against the downpipe, I can't get the nuts on the studs. I have 25 mm/1" of stud showing. Are they usually longer? Does anyone have any useful solutions to this problem? I suppose I could see if I could remove the studs and fit longer ones. Are they 5/16" UNC? They measure up at about 5/16", but I suppose they could be M8. I tried a search for sleeve nuts, as I thought this could fix it, but couldn't find anything suitable. If I had hair, I'd have pulled it all out by now! 😡
  3. RIP, indeed. Sad news. The last 43 years have been a bonus for him. To survive this long with the knackering his body took is amazing. Agree with Vista, that championship / drama happened at just the right time for me - already obsessed with cars, the titanic battle was a thriller. To come back at Monza, just 6 weeks (IIRC) after pretty much dying was pushing the possible. He had all sorts of problems, including suffering from his still somewhat tender head flesh and lungs that didn't work 100%. A true motor racing hero and legend.
  4. Basically, my car won't be ready! Also, my weekends are, generally, heavily booked up with chores! I'm hoping that I will have my car finished and chores finished up by next year..... I do enjoy a bit of track action - especially when corners are involved, so I'd be keen on Mallory. I've never driven that track, but spectated loads of times back in the day; looks a lot of fun.
  5. Got to say I prefer wheels and tyres that fill the arches too. Absolutely, trends change. Although, I've never been a fan of wheels with that sort of offset (I can't remember whether that's lots of +ve or lots of -ve!) particularly on RWD cars (for some reason). I like some dish. Maybe because I've been around too many decades! It's going to be a challenge keeping my (extremely) slow-build 'Tina fashionable...! What's the current phrase? "On point"? See? Not so long ago, that would have been "trendy", "de rigeur" or "a la mode"...! Sorry, might have gone slightly off topic....
  6. Yep! I like the colour, but... the wheels rear lights bonnet floppy mirrors........
  7. Well they were the first things I noticed, I didn't want to clog up the thread. I quite like that Cortina (OK, except the offset Ford badge, the bonnet vents and ill-fitting roll cage are a bit of an eye sore). But, it's a bit Kaido racer...
  8. But, that..... My eyes! It looks like someone drove an F100 and Camaro into The Fly machines. Why?! Oh, why?!
  9. Yep, I'm with you on that one. Someone got all 50s led sled on a microbus.
  10. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been several weeks since my last confession....! Due to money (lack of it) issues and the rest of my life getting in the way, progress has slowed somewhat. What I have managed to do is complete fitting the seat belts front and rear, so at least it's safe while I can't drive it! I've also checked out the front brakes - they seem to have loads of material left on the pads, which is good. The master cylinder reservoir was nearly empty, so that's been topped up. And, I've loosened the nut on the throttle linkage a little, so that the engine doesn't run away with itself - the throttle butterfly was getting stuck on a very small throttle opening, i.e. not fully returning. Really simple, but took me ages to figure out! I had another small victory, as the engine had given up starting (again!). I couldn't work out why. Finally, popped the dizzy cap off and lo and behold, there was my problem - a broken rotor arm. This was new a few weeks before, so Lord knows what happened there. I Superglued (new one will be fitted at some point soon) it back together and Hey, Presto! the engine started first turn...! I'm still fighting with the exhaust. I have a new doughnut / fire sealing ring, but haven't even tried to fit it (I think there's an old one stuffed up in the manifold). Even without it, I can't get the clamp close enough to the manifold to get the nuts on the studs. So, I reckon I may need to find longer studs, or maybe I have the wrong manifold. Are the Cortina and Escort manifolds different? I can't see why they would be, but that's probably more reason for them to be different! I had the propshaft off and back on again. And, it seemed to go in far enough into the gearbox tail, so maybe the vibration it had (on its only journey at speeds over 30 mph) was something entirely different. I'll leave that investigation till after I get it moving under its own power again.... So, apart from the exhaust hanging off, the thermostat housing leaking like a sieve, the radiator pretending to be a watering can, one or two of the steering joints being worn out and the windscreen washer being completely u/s, I'm just about there.....
  11. Hi, Firstly, I should say, I know nothing about these gearboxes or ECUs... Wouldn't it be easier to simply short the wire rather than hide the entire selector? I did a very quick "Google" and there appears to be a Neutral Safety Switch between the ignition switch and ECU on a red/light blue wire. You could try bypassing that switch. Of course, I might have "Googled" the wrong wiring diagram, but I hope this helps a bit.
  12. Hi Katana, Thanks. Yes, an egg can be strong. But, only when it is whole. What happens when you cut a shell in half...? As you say, you'd need to brace it. I was suggesting bracing at the strut tops, as this would be relatively easy - could use a nice simple bar. I've attached a really (crap) simple drawing to show what I mean (I didn't draw the engine). Of course, I may have missed something - someone please point out the obvious! Anyway, you're right about movement. I'm pretty sure the struts will be fairly vertical, maybe a few degrees off, so there shouldn't be too much horizontal force at the strut tops (hence most cars don't come with a brace as standard...).
  13. I still haven't looked properly at how the forces work, but I don't think strengthening/gussetting the tops of the towers (under the strut top) will really work. Basically, what you've got is a force at the top of the strut that is trying to push inward. That is only restrained by the inner wing. You can see that there are beams running vertically either side of the strut. I guess you could beef these up to try and stop them bending so much. That might take quite a lot of beefing, and you might need to keep the extra beams in the engine bay depending what clearance you have in the wheel arch. The reason a strut brace works is because it ties one strut top to the other and takes the load in buckling. This is why you need the strut brace to be straight. Eccentric forces will increase the risk of buckling. Think about a straw. If you push the ends of a straight straw, it resists quite a lot of pushing. If you bend it slightly and push the ends, it just buckles or folds. Sorry if I'm teaching you or your grandmother to suck eggs.
  14. Surely, it would be easier (from an install and maintenance) point of view to build tower extensions and go over the top. If you use triangulated tower extensions, you should get a good transfer of the forces into a bar between the two tower tops. You're just trying to stop the tops of the struts moving. Of course, that all pre-supposes you've enough clearance to go over the top....
  15. The GT380 was a triple, GT250 was a twin. The Kwacker KHs were insane. I never had one, but by all accounts they took the flexible frame concept to a new level! I can't imagine what a 2-stroke triple 750 must have been like. And, it was hard enough keeping the front wheel down on my X7!
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