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  1. 🤣 Yeah, it's done quite well staying where it is - I'm not sure our local ne'er-do-wells know what to do with it. They seem more interested in nicking cats (the exhaust kind, not our furry friends) - friend of mine has had five nicked from the same car! Yep, it was to be my long-term project, but apparently other members of my family want to go on holiday, or some such!
  2. Cheers, Huge. Yes, life has a habit of getting in the way of our plans.... Mrs Jimbonic will be interested/amused/flabbergasted at the suggestion of me and emotion! 😊
  3. After much soul searching, I have decided to sell my Mk2 Cortina to fund a more family-friendly project. It is a 1300 Deluxe 4-door with bench front seat. It used to be an automatic, which might explain the bench seat. The previous owner converted it to manual, using a cable clutch – basically because they had a Capri lying about! Other than that, it is pretty much standard 1300 Cortina. I have spent the last 18 months slowly renovating with the intention of it being weekend family / fun transport. While under my ownership, I have fitted the following: - New radiator & hoses - New water pump - Exhaust manifold - NOS exhaust (except back box) - New plugs - New leads - New Sparkrite high energy coil - New choke cable - New Aldon electronic ignition - New inertia reel seat belts (4x) plus lap belt for middle rear - New electric windscreen washer - New fuel pump and filter - New tie rod (O/S) It drives and stops. I was driving it locally pre-lockdown, much to the, erm, amusement of my daughters! The strut tops look solid. There is some rust around the O/SR wheel arch, as well as some other, smaller patches here and there. The heater doesn’t work – I’ve not investigated why yet, but it doesn’t leak. The speedo needs connecting properly – I was saving that job until later on. I have almost certainly forgotten something, so just ask. I had a (sporadic) thread running for the slow build. I’ll add a link, for interest. Asking £3800 Location: Surbiton, Surrey My intention had been to build it up over a fairly lengthy period with a few modifications along the way. So, I also have a reasonable haul of spares in my shed, which I will either sell separately or could be included with the car for the right price: - 1200 gearbox (with pudding stirrer gear stick) ex-Anglia 105E, I think - Bellhousing - 1600E rear leaf springs - 1600E/GT exhaust manifold - Std cast manifolds (I think I have two spare) - 1600E/GT inlet manifold - 28/36 DCD Weber carb with service kit (except filter) - Throttle linkage - New front coil springs (-2”) - Steering box - Variety of steering components - Exhaust back box - Clutch master cylinder - Original (non-inertia reel) front seat belts - Few odds & ends: speedo circlip, engine bay decals (1300GT), Mk3 Cortina propshaft(doesn’t fit the Mk2!)
  4. Blimey, it's been a while. Several things have happened over the last year! Lots of personal stuff to deal with last year, then the world went mental! So, all in all not as much progress made on my Cortina as I would have hoped, but I have managed to: get the exhaust fitted, although I haven't fashioned a back box yet. replace the plugs and points with electronic ignition sort out the timing reasonably (seem to have an odd combination of front cover and crank pulley) fit a new choke cable (after the original cried enough) change the spark plugs twice! fit an electric windscreen washer (to replace the feeble plunger system) I was even pottering about in it for a while, until some sort of flu-like pandemic brought the country to a halt. But, after all that, it looks like the lovely Cortina will have to make room for a more family-friendly form of transport. Convincing the rest of the family that we'll be fine on a trip to far flung corners of the country, and back, is just not working. This is disappointing, but will be the start of new adventures...
  5. Wow! I thought my MOTs came with a long list..... I've never had a "Do not drive until repaired (dangerous defects)". That's quite something. 😱
  6. I am of a similar vintage and, absolutely, the idea is to have fun! Let's face it, we're not going to be forcing Lewis Hamilton out of a job! Although, I do find that the fun increases with competitiveness... I always say to myself, "It's just fun. Enjoy it." Then, I close my visor and find that it is red-tinted.......!!! Anyway, I was only trying to be helpful... 😀 Enjoy
  7. Very nice (as commented elsewhere). I love that exhaust - does it manage to achieve equal length primaries? Bit surprised you didn't go 4:1 if you're intending to hill climb, but that's a seriously nice piece of pipework. Also, I think you said elsewhere you were looking for a Capri 2.8 diff. Won't that be too long for hill climbing / track work? I had a kit car running 2.0 pinto with ~140 hp (can't remember the 'box type - poss Sierra 5-spd). I ran a 3.09 diff at the start of the season and changed immediately after the first race, as I was getting destroyed on the straights. It had a theoretical top speed of something like 130 mph, but I wasn't getting out of 3rd on the Revett Straight at (the old) Snetterton! So, I changed to a 4.11, which was much better.
  8. I have a question: How are you going to fit that massive engine in the engine bay?!?! 😋 Seriously, though; very nice. Is there a reason you're going for such a tall diff?
  9. I'm very pleased to see that they have thought about safety and made sure the boiler flue exits above the upstairs windows..........!
  10. I think they made the right choice with the round tail lights.... A much happier looking car to follow!
  11. It does look like the bastard daughter of an armoured car and a 2CV....!
  12. Mostly "Aaaaaaargh!" Although, I find myself lightly drawn to the in-the-weeds All Aggro estate.....!
  13. I really like this, though....
  14. Perhaps more worrying (Escort van things) is the trend for pointing the spot lights up to bring down airliners.....!
  15. This one's on FleaBay for £6.5k......
  16. Not sure how rare this is - and it's not strictly a Ford. It is a Falcon Caribbean, which uses the good ole sidevalve four, but I'd never come across one...
  17. That and it looking nothing like Thunderbird 2! Although, this little gem caught my eye: "Specification includes Green seats with yellow number 2s" Ahem! What?! Obviously selling due to ill health!
  18. As Katana says, moving the axle bracket for the springs would improve things. But, I think that you'll be getting some wind up in the leaf springs, allowing the axle to rotate, so swap the springs for bars to further improve the situation.
  19. Right. Got ya. Now I see. The clouds have parted, etc.!!
  20. Must be because I don't use Retards Club; or swear enough - didn't even know there was a filter! Ta
  21. I've only been on here since about February this year. I've found everyone really friendly and helpful, which is why this is the one forum I keep up-to-date with most. There are a few others that I will dip into, but this fits my bill - I have an old school Ford! Having said that, there do seem to be some threads that don't seem to have much traffic. Like others on this thread, I think it's mostly due to the number of cars "in progress" in that category. Mk2 'Tinas like mine seem to be a bit thinly represented on here, but probably more so than Corsairs. And, yes, I agree that's probably due to the number owned. I don't think it's any better or worse than any other forum. The success of a forum is down to people using it. People will use it, if it is helpful to them and/or they enjoy chatting with the people on that forum. Now, I've got round to where I started on this reply. PS I'm still no wiser as to what Retards Club is, what it does, why I should or shouldn't find it, etc.
  22. Just saw this on another forum. I don't know whether it sits here or in the "wrong uns" thread...
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