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  1. Right update, so express don’t make the mk2 wings anymore, long story short they wasn’t selling, apparently people are happy with cheap mass produced ones so express stopped production on them, so I had a chat with magnum and find out that they don’t make there mk2 wings they buy from a supplier from Germany, which apparently are the only company who make and supply mk2 wings (worldwide) so my higs I’m assuming come from the German company, magnums even had the same terrible ripple on the seal as mine did, so where ever I buy them they will be the German wings. So currently I’m cutting beating and welding the life out of these higs lol.
  2. it’s a tough call, I’m tempted to go express on this, just to save the hassle, need her on the road, wringing is done pinto is ready just need these bloody wings, thanks for the info everyone.
  3. Hey thanks I believe the brand is hig? The company was called Higgins, so they must make them, I did see magnum so probably will go down this route if they are a reputable choice, thank you. and I’m on Canvey Island, near Southend on sea.
  4. Hi new to the club, I have 75 mk2 escort in full restoration/digging hole, I’m having trouble finding a pair of decent front wings, I’ve already purchased some but they are going back as the quality on them are just, well terrible, any quality suppliers local to Essex?
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