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  1. If you’ve followed my trip to Germany the other week on Retards Club you’ll have seen inside the secret archives. Then I looked around their backlot of show cars and prototypes which 360,000 people saw.The highlight, for me was to present to Ford’s entire design team, an honour I never expected when I started out writing these two Capri-centric books. Take a look here... There’s just a few left sitting at my mother’s after all the shows and she wants the space – ping me if you want a copy £10 – you’ll make the old girl happy. Steve
  2. An act of kindness or cruelness?! I hope you like them, eventually.
  3. Have you finished the books yet, what did you think?
  4. Next Sunday September 1st is going to be what may the ultimate day for Ford enthusiasts. Ford is hosting a very special event to celebrate the Capri's 50th. There will be nearly 300 Capris there, including the best-of-breed rarest and most collectable - PLUS another 500 other classic Fords on show. Come along, to the birthplace of Ford design and engineering. It's run by Ford and the St Francis Hospice charity. Talks from members of SVE and Ford celebrities - plus detailed talks on the most desirable cars. Oh, and I'll be there with £10 off my book and the first 150 people to find me get a free poster worth £9.50. The ultimate Ford day at Ford? And you're invited, just £5 entry at the gate on the day, more here... https://www.sfh.org.uk/frankies-classic-car-fest
  5. A little bit of sad news to report. Harry Calton, the former Ford of Britain press officer, passed away today. You may not know the name but he was behind the launches of the Capri and many of the now-classic Ford, RS and XR cars during the 70s & 80s. Ford’s PR was the best in the business thanks to Walter Hayes and Harry. I had the privilege of him writing up his recollections just two months ago for my book which I’ll share here. RIP Harry; Ford, and especially Capri enthusiasts, owe you one.
  6. If you missed out on being one of the first 100 to get a copy folded inside my new book Capri 50 then here’s your chance… I'm pleased to say that the posters from Capri 50: A Celebration Of Ford's Iconic Coupe have arrived and ready to ship! They carry Ford’s official logo you’ll see more soon that is also on my book’s cover. The stars are, of course, the beautiful illustrations I had drawn by an artist in Paris. It’s double-sided with the Capri 50 featured cars on one side and the lovely-looking timeline from within the book on the other. You can get both sides on two posters for just £14.50 or a single one for £9.50. Each one is posted out worldwide, at cost with no profit, my dear old mum in Brighton! Click here...http:// https://www.stevesaxty.com/posters
  7. I’ve been waiting weeks to tell you. I'll be in the UK for the next two weeks for the new book’s launch. It’s a chance to say hello, grab a book cheap on the day and also save on postage. I’m going to summarize the events here but I really urge you to click on my site and see the full details. These summaries of the four events I’ve been asked to speak at in the next two weeks full details here click here to see all the details - especially the Warley event! Ford Warley, Friday July 19th: This is a Ford-organized event at the soon-to-closed Warley location, the site of much of the drama in both books. Ford has put a lot of effort into it, with 150 classic Fords drawn from the Capri, RS and XR scene. See my page here for details. There is also a drink on the Thursday evening with the legendary Rod Mansfield and, if you’re a reader, then I'm sure you’d like to join us! Gaydon Museum Capri 50th Celebrations, Saturday July 20th. This is a large event with around 300 Capris in attendance, including some special feature cars. I’ll be giving two talks in the lecture theatre there and talking to owners. 1: Capri Design Story: Never-seen Prototypes & Design Evolution You’ll be taken through the design of each Capri, the design sketches, models and prototypes. Capris that might-have-been and the untold inside stories using never-seen images from Ford’s secret archives. 2: The Capris You Always Promised Yourself: The Most Collectable and Desirable Top Ten A guided presentational tour of the ultimate top ten collectable Capris, plus the GBX prototype brought back to life in clay and the cancelled 2003 Capri. Hear what makes them so special and see why they are so significant to the Capri story. Gaydon Museum Old Ford Rally Sunday July 20th: This a wider classic Ford event that carries on from the previous day’s Capri meeting. I’ll be talking to people and have the books on sale and for signing. Silverstone Classic July 27/28th: This year’s theme brand and car is Bentley and the Capri, with lots of Capri events going. My publisher, Porter Press will have a stand and I’ll be onsite Saturday and Sunday for signings and Sunday morning have a stand in the central arena too. So, there’s lots of chance to say hello. I’ll also be attending events at Brooklands and Dunton in September. So, it’s going to be a busy summer. If you get the chance do come and say hello.
  8. Just to let you know I’ve finished my second book on old-school Fords. I do a terrible job on these pages engaging with people about them given I imagine many of you here have the first book and soon I hope the second – if you’re a Capri person. Let me rectify that by sharing the Intro here from the current book, The Cars You Always Promised Yourself. You can also click here and read more sample pages, including an intro from the legendary Rod Mansfield My second book Capri 50: A Celebration Of Ford’s Iconic Coupe is due in weeks and I’ll share more in the next week or so. Meanwhile, please do enjoy a free read and if you have already read The Cars You Always… then thank-you. It really is, I'm told the definitive book on old-school Fords. I'll post more on the second book soon but you can compare the two here. Steve
  9. OK, let me speak to the publisher. The book is selling out, so it's more to let him temporarily offer a spring sale across his range. It's really a £70-80 size book so if he does it than being able to temporarily buy it for £37.50 would be a great deal. Stand by.....
  10. No chance we went off topic here then?!
  11. My publisher is about to do a spring sale on their books, as is normal in their world. I'm always a bit loathe to see my book discounted and thought that maybe a club-only one might be more appropriate. I was thinking that if he did a limited time offer of £10 off Collectors and £7.50 off the Standard then maybe that would appeal? Then, rather than advertise it that it's selectively offered to a few clubs and this forum. What do you think?, everyone loves a deal as you know! Also, as a further incentive, existing buyers get the exclusive first chance to buy the Capri 50th sister book I'm doing. That's a few hundred units so will sell out in a week or two. If you don't know about the book, which I'm hoping everyone here does then take a look... using this link. Steve
  12. Rod Mansfield’s team created the legendary Sierra Cosworth, Capris Injection and ‘80s RS Escorts. I'm talking to him on Tuesday. He’s writing a piece for my new second book about what it was like to engineer the RS Capris and Capri Injection. What questions have you got for him – let me know! And if I know the answer from previous discussions I'll try answering here.
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