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  1. OK, let me speak to the publisher. The book is selling out, so it's more to let him temporarily offer a spring sale across his range. It's really a £70-80 size book so if he does it than being able to temporarily buy it for £37.50 would be a great deal. Stand by.....
  2. No chance we went off topic here then?!
  3. My publisher is about to do a spring sale on their books, as is normal in their world. I'm always a bit loathe to see my book discounted and thought that maybe a club-only one might be more appropriate. I was thinking that if he did a limited time offer of £10 off Collectors and £7.50 off the Standard then maybe that would appeal? Then, rather than advertise it that it's selectively offered to a few clubs and this forum. What do you think?, everyone loves a deal as you know! Also, as a further incentive, existing buyers get the exclusive first chance to buy the Capri 50th sister book I'm doing. That's a few hundred units so will sell out in a week or two. If you don't know about the book, which I'm hoping everyone here does then take a look... using this link. Steve
  4. Rod Mansfield’s team created the legendary Sierra Cosworth, Capris Injection and ‘80s RS Escorts. I'm talking to him on Tuesday. He’s writing a piece for my new second book about what it was like to engineer the RS Capris and Capri Injection. What questions have you got for him – let me know! And if I know the answer from previous discussions I'll try answering here.
  5. Nope, it was some time after that poor unfortunate thing.
  6. Yup - it's an Escort but which one? Not an RS BTW...
  7. That's a pretty good list. I had lunch with Rod Mansfield a few months back. The project they were proudest of was the Venezuelan Escort with (I think) supercharger and AC needed to accommodate the high altitude and heat.
  8. This is Special Vehicle Engineering - the team that designed the fastest Fords. Can you guess what was the secret car they are hiding there on the right? Rod Mansfield wrote a fascinating insight in my book where he tells us what it was like to do Capri, Cosworth and XRs, you can read it here. Read what Rod says today.
  9. Will do - there's a bunch more videos on Ford design and these ads here BTW.
  10. I’ve just lost 15 minutes of my life watching these Ford TV ads made by ad agency Ogilvy & Mather. They were given to me by Terry Holben who directed Ford’s ads for 22 years and wrote about the experience in my book. Take a look at them here as Ford pitched us RS, Capri, Cortina, Sierra, Granada and Fiesta. Fun back story – the first with Peter Duncan of Blue Peter fame was insured by Terry Holben’s dash to the hospital for the birth of his first child.
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