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  1. Been trying to fit rear discs on my mk1 but the Cosworth type callipers won't fit inside the banded Lotus steels that I really want to keep on the car due to their two piece construction. There isn't the scope to fit spacers and the fouling is too much for any machining to be an option so I'm looking for suggestions as to a smaller disc/calliper set up? There were discs fitted to the front of Lotus Cortinas and to all manner of other Fords that had similar rims so can any of these be used?
  2. I had the pleasure of being at the show (not with my mk1 but with a Mustang and a Silver Shadow a group of us own) and it was a fantastic event. As well as the cars shown, and I had a really good look over the Orange Sport there was a particularly nice mk1 Mexico. If anyone fancies a weekend away next year I can highly recommend it!
  3. I've picked up some properly banded 7x13 Lotus steels that I'm dead set on fitting to my mk1 Escort. The issue I have is that the Hi-Spec 4 pot callipers I have on the front foul on the backs of the front wheels where the curved edge of the face meets the rim. (they were fine with the Superlites that are currently on the car) Although the callipers are new I'm seriously considering changing them so does anyone have any experience in fitting this type of wheel with alternative 4 pots that might have a slimmer design or, is there a decent 2 pot alternative I could go back to. The car has a 170bhp Zetec in it so I need to make sure that whatever I fit is adequate.
  4. I put some 'before' photos up on here as a new member and at the time couple of you asked for pictures of my car once the work was underway/done When I started I had no idea what I was going to do with it but a Silver Top Zetec and Type 9 with some of the RWD parts included along with a set of 45s and the promise that the engine was good which sort of made my mind up for me. The installation has been done really neatly by Tickover and, after I put the car in to have a pair of Mexico wings fitted, one think led to another and a full restoration and bare metal repaint of the 'rust free' shell was undertaken. The engine runs really well but is going in to HT this week to be set up properly. Then it's just sorting out niggly electrical issues and trying to source hard to find items like an interior mirror, rear seat base etc I've lowered the car 2 inches but, to my mind it still sits too high and I'm torn between the 6x13 RS 4 spokes that are on the car and a set of 7 inch JBW steels I have in the garage. Any suggestions or opinions on this? Also how far of the ground should the car sit (mines 220mm to the bottom of the sill in front of the rear wheels and 190mm at the front of the sills) Hope you like the pictures. I work in sales so I have a thick skin if any one has any constructive criticism
  5. You're right, that interior needed to go, as did most of the electrics which have now also extensively been replaced. The JBW steels I had have been replaced by my old Capri wheels and a new set of Yokohamas, the suspension now has lowered uprated springs, adjustable shocks. Polybushing all round, Hi-Spec 4 pot calipers and refurbed rear drums have also been added Unfortunately when stoneguarding and painting underneath I realised there was rust in the chassis legs (but nowhere else) so I'm having this done and adding a set of Mexico wings at the same time. I've put a wanted ad on here but, just in case anyone misses it and has one, I'm after an engine I can drop in to the car as the full on Zetec conversion I had planned looks too far away now due to what I've had to spend elsewhere. I'd be more than happy with someone's used, ready to go Zetec or a 1700 full on Crossflow or tuned Pinto so please let me know if you know of anything that isn't too trumpy?
  6. I'm after something better than the standard and very tired 1300GT Crossflow that currently sits in my mk1 Escort. I was going to go for a Zetec conversion but funds are limited so ideally I'm after one that's maybe been previously fitted to a similar car that 'will drop straight in' or alternatively a tuned Crossflow to retain a degree of originality. Not really after a Pinto as it sort falls between the two options but I could be tempted by the right one. If any of these come with ancilliaries and a Type 9 on the back then even better. Please don't all rush at once!
  7. You're totally right, bits of trim, switches etc are all rare and 5x dearer than for later cars. Oh well, live and learn!
  8. So, this is what I bought. Unseen off ebay. It's totally rust free, just about runs and doesn't have a piece of rubber on it that's not perished. I'm looking at keeping it period really which is why I'm not too keen on a Pinto, I did think about a Zetec (with a nice retro cam cover) but that misses the point too so having just got the standard and slightly tired 1300GT lump that's in it running as well as I can, I'm on the hunt for that screaming over-bored 1600 on 40s I've now decided I want. I'm not particularly practical or blessed with available time so first off is a trip to Tickover who are near me and used to look after my Capri for Hi-Spec discs, uprated, adjustable suspension and polybushing. Meanwhile I'm sorting out the interior and tidying up wiring, making the doors open and close properly etc while trying to accumulate as many of the parts I'll need as possible Purchases so far are a set of Contour seats and JBW 7x13 steels which after reading the posts elsewhere I'm hoping will fit under the arches
  9. So after selling my 1980 Mk3 3.0s and replacing it with a 1970 Plymouth, this has now made way for a 1968 Mk1 Escort 1300 (SA import) which was bought on a bit of a whim and, other than being 99% rust free, needs everything. I know nothing other than I wanted it so, any suggestions on which way to go and offers of bargain basement parts will be much appreciated. All I know is that I don't want anything that isn't Ford in it and I don't really want a Pinto...
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