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  1. Is it metal? the one I have is plastic Dull grey type of colour. Not sure if you'd get away with painting it?
  2. I've got a couple of lucas dizzys but not sure what they came of exactly. Any ideas on the Lucas part numbers so I can check
  3. Harrogate North Yorkshire. let me know if u know 1 local or anybody wants parts trailing arms,tubs,front end slam panel , repair panels any thing that can be choped to reuse etc
  4. As above mk4 going to scrap yard because have nowhere to store it,and Slight bit of surface rust here and there,only minor issue is rusted drivers floorpan, all arches and boot are sound. It's on a trolley/fillet wheels atm. Came across it on a clearance job and it's in situ atm, mk4 shell inc 5 doors,bonnet dash cubicle inc dials gauges.headlights heater box plastic ,crossbow gambler seatbelt buckles wiper/ headlight wand/ controls/stick.and various bits and bobs found in the car.it's too good to scrap but have no other choice of anyone wants to buy it needs collect on Monday =£125.00Buyer to collect this Monday message me for details Also have two crossflow/kent engine blocks for sale 1 is just a block the other has sump and drive wheel cog on it.1500/1600cc see pics( not very good light ) price negoitable???? also have a full set of doors to different mk4 poa.??
  5. As above mk4 cortina shell for sale/ breaking Car has bin in dry storage for last 35+ years only rust issue is drivers floor pan other than that no major rust.all arches,pillars are sound. Has all 5 doors and bonnet no glass Also have two xflow/kent engine blocks for sale= 6237f and 711m Pm for details/pics
  6. I have a 1600 711m and 6237f engine blocks for sale One has rocker cover the other just a block,I'm in process of clearing a old mechanics garage out,who used be involved in formula Ford f3. Also have various mk4 bits n bobs- doors,wings-bonnets-boots a full mk4 shell which has been garaged for last 35+ years no major rust except drivers floor pan all arches are sound pm for pics and details.
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