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  1. I guess i will have to find out what it is, the Nodiz is blue?! i wondered if the carbs may need redoing, it sounds like the engine is not running on one cyclinder, so that need checking, but i wanted to have some more knowledge on the other bits too
  2. Fresh fuel yes, Mapped? no idea.... how would i find this out and what is that?
  3. I have just purchased a morris minor with a Zetec conversion although i have contacted JHL for some help he doesnt really recognise the setup, so hopefully someone here will know. We have a 1.8 set up with a Nodiz Pro and Keikhin bike carbs, now the engine starts on the button, but its popping out flames like nobodies business, popping and farting as soon as you rev it just a little. Now it has been untouch and standing for over 18months, so im well impressed that it started on the button!! But i really would like to get this running sweetly, so any help whether this is a mass bodgery, or an okay fix, i would like some advice Thanx
  4. Hmm, i know what your saying, but ouch!! I havent got that sort of money, well.... not for this project, i have way too many other projects seeking money too 😂 I did however find this And, i think Charles Wares modifies the type 9 to fit to the 1275 A series, so i would imagine that they also cut and shut, they are only a hop, skip and jump from me, so i could get them to do the mod! Although the cutting doesnt bother me, its the drilling that would have me in knots!!
  5. Oh, how do they do this? That would be something i would be very interested in, i dont want my Minor to look any different, i want her to remain standard looking ideally, so with only adjust what "has" to be adjusted
  6. Preacherman, Thank you for your quick reply, thats awesome as im looking at a 2ltr gearbox Im putting it in a Morris Minor
  7. Hi, I know this has probably been written about loads of times before, but im getting very confused about the information. I have a 1600 Xflow, i would like to have a 5 speed on it, can a 2L Pinto go on it? or is it best with a 1600 Pinto? Ive read that both have the same ratio so it doesnt matter?? but ive also read that people have difficulty marrying the two up?? So im not sure what is what. Dont shoot me down, but im not putting it in a Ford 🙈🙉🙊 im not worried about fixing it to the car, i just need to know what gearbox is best for my engine and what i will need to make it all work 😀 and little miss here will be a very happy bunny 😍
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