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  1. Thanks all, the guide is really great. So I will keep looking
  2. This is how they look:
  3. Hello all, I have a set of ronal rs alloys and I am wondering if they might fit onto my mk1. The size should be ok with the correct tires but I don't know about the offset of 32... Does anybody here know if this will work or if it is a bad idea?
  4. Thanks again. Regarding my plans: first of all I need to get the admission because the car was never registered in Germany before, but that shouldn't be a problem. I did the same with my last car and at least this time I habe the original papers. It just takes some time. After that, I want to drive the car For the moment I haven't planned any major changes as I want to keep it original. Maybe some new rims... (and so it starts)
  5. Hello, I did not want to open a new topic with the same title so I will just add my question here. I wanted to change the gasket of the fuel sender on my mk1 without removing the tank. I was able to remove the sender unit without any problems but now I cannot fit it with as the new gasket seems to be too (or at least very) thick. Is there any trick which might help? Or did I maybe take the wrong one? I bought this one here: LINK
  6. Thanks all. I'm from Frankfurt. I added a picture of the car to the first post.
  7. Hello all, my name is Stefan and I live in Germany. I recently sold my Audi 80 B1 to make room for a 75 Escort mk1. The car is "just" a four door 1100 ccm but I love the design, the simple technology, and the way it drives. I'm looking forward to learning a lot about the little car here. 😊 Cheers Stefan
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