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  1. Thanks again for all help, I think I'll move over to the technical section and start pestering you all with my newbie questions now.
  2. Thanks to all for your suggestions and help. According to a recent post in technical section, it should already have a 3.9 diff, so the only up gearing i can do is a 3.77 off a RS or Mexico, which I presume are few and far between. The lack of pull with taller gearing would'nt be a problem, some one has set this engine up nicely, and with the lack of weight the car is supprisingly nippy.
  3. Hi all, have just bought my new to me Escort, a MK1. I suppose it is the least desirable model, being 4 door, left hand drive, and 1.1, but this is a budget daily driver, so I'm happy. Not many pics as I'm away on holiday at the moment, but I've tried to paste a picture from the ebay ad I bought it from. The big plus with this car is that it has never been welded, and runs like a dream. Thoses who remember the ebay ad will be pleased to know I have removed some of the horrible modifications it had made to it over the years, like strip light on rear number plate, yellow fog lights in grill, spa
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