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  1. Thanks again for all help, I think I'll move over to the technical section and start pestering you all with my newbie questions now.
  2. Thanks to all for your suggestions and help. According to a recent post in technical section, it should already have a 3.9 diff, so the only up gearing i can do is a 3.77 off a RS or Mexico, which I presume are few and far between. The lack of pull with taller gearing would'nt be a problem, some one has set this engine up nicely, and with the lack of weight the car is supprisingly nippy.
  3. Hi all, have just bought my new to me Escort, a MK1. I suppose it is the least desirable model, being 4 door, left hand drive, and 1.1, but this is a budget daily driver, so I'm happy. Not many pics as I'm away on holiday at the moment, but I've tried to paste a picture from the ebay ad I bought it from. The big plus with this car is that it has never been welded, and runs like a dream. Thoses who remember the ebay ad will be pleased to know I have removed some of the horrible modifications it had made to it over the years, like strip light on rear number plate, yellow fog lights in grill, spagetti wiring and switches under dash. I've also fixed some non-working items, such as door switches, bonnet prop, interior light, wnidow winders, and numerous other issues. Plans????????? I desperatly need to sort out the gearing, these 4 speeds are just not up to motorway speeds, I need info on 5 speed box, but believe it may have starter on other side on LHD? 1/4 bumpers, I love the look of these Alloys, I want some with wider tyres, but don't want to play with arches, what width? Having steering rack rebuilt, £75, plus poly mounts. Engine wise I'm happy, 50 hp suits me at the moment, though I have changed oil and filter, and might go electronic ignition route. All help gladly recieved, its my first MK1, thanks.
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