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  1. Store page for the mk1 and mk2 models https://mst-cars.com/models/ Interesting they have a picture of a MK2 rs2000 xpack in the mk2 listing page https://mst-cars.com/mk2-fast-road-touring/
  2. I've seen convertible mk1's before and always thought they look hideous. Somehow that one seems to pull it off way better than any of the others I've seen, to a point where I almost quite like it. My biggest problem with it is that I just don't a convertible anything. I had a test drive in a convertible a few years back, lovely sunny warm evening, but the only I could focus on for the entire journey was how friggin cold the top of my head was.
  3. I'd have that. Take off the Halfords arch extenders and put a proper set of wheels on it and you'd have a nice Capri.
  4. Stupid question. My car is taxed well into next year, but it's MOT has recently expired. How am I suppose to declare it MOT exempt when a V112 needs to be handed in to the post office during the taxing process? I'm happy to have it MOT'd, but was hoping to avoid it this year.
  5. I don't blame you. Sometimes it is simply not feasible to keep it 100% original. Look at those Hockey pucks Ray posted above, OK they are brand new, but they are Already at £248 with 8 days left on the auction, it's crazy! It's not even like this is the way it will be forever. If you decide in five years time you want the chrome back, it's not an issue to just re-drill the holes. and put them back on. I own Daisy's ever so slightly older sister, a yellow 72 1300gt. It also has no chrome on the boot lid, and no one so far has ever complained or even mentioned it 👍.
  6. Can agree with this. Also had some suspicious staining on my rear seats, used this stuff and it came up good as new. Also bought an original steering wheel for mine on Ebay, description said it needed a restoration, all I did was clean it off with soapy water then use this stuff, the colour came right back after a few minutes.
  7. Parked at the side of a road in a ditch. The natural stomping ground of many old Fords 😆
  8. Rocking the square lights and quarter bumpers over here. Reckon it would look epic on a bronze car 😎
  9. Some just popped up on Ebay if you are still looking for a good pair. The guy wants at least £195 though. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk1-Escort-Early-Dash-Heater-pair-of-Vents-1968-to-70-Twin-Cam-GT-ect/193236592260?hash=item2cfdcc6684:g:Qp0AAOSwl2ddyDhA
  10. I don't suppose this will help at all as it's not the same car. But KGF currently have this mk1 listed with what appears to be the exact same setup. "Weber 44IDF carburettors and RS special oval air box".
  11. I would say the print you have pictured is a very reasonable starting point. Maybe the layer height used for printing was a little high, for very fine prints I use 0.06 to 0.1mm layers, which gives higher quality results, but the trade off is that more time and material is consumed. The structure is complex, but that shouldn't adversely affect the quality too much. And my printer is on the lower end of the market, I've just had it long enough I know how to maximise it's potential. I have seen a very good method for smoothing 3D prints where you take the printed product and expose it to acetone fumes for about 30 seconds. This only works with ABS, as the plastic is very soluble in acetone. It basically melts/softens the outer layer, resulting in a much smoother finish. I have never tried it, but from what I've seen it works. This video explains it very well. Maybe if the vent could be sanded, and then smoothed with acetone (if it's ABS) you would have something getting close to a factory look.
  12. Yes 3D prints can be sanded pretty well, PLA at least any way, ABS is a touch more difficult. The ash tray holder in my MK1 Escort had all of its corners chipped off. You can get re-productions for about £30 on Ebay, which seemed a little steep to me, and I hate the little metal clip that holds it into place. I designed and printed a new unit that kind of self clamps itself to the centre console without added hardware. Sanded it and spray painted it satin black and honestly you wouldn't know the difference. I haven't got any pictures on the PC however. I have also printed some custom GT style centre caps, which I do have pictures of. I didn't do them to as high of a standard because they are on the wheel and will be getting hit by chippings and debris from the road, but are still pretty effective. On this note, if anyone can think of any hard to find parts, like the air vent above, that would benefit from being reproduced, I'm always keen to take on a new challenge!
  13. Thanks for the welcome! Yeah sure. So it's a 1300GT, built in 1972. Pretty standard car all round to be honest. Interior was a little shabby but I've redone most of that now. The real gem on the inside were the seats, a pair of mk2 fishnet recaros. Definitely not a standard feature, so it's not for the purist, but almost mint condition and incredibly comfortable. The history of the car is a bit of an unknown. I bought it from a garage, and because of GDPR legislation they are no longer allowed to disclose previous owners. I even contacted the DVLA and they won't give me anything either. Although I am very keen to find out where it has been in it's life time, so I may be asking round at some point whether anyone here may have owned it in the past!
  14. Hi all, Bought my MK1 Escort back in January this year. Absolutely love every moment of it. Have it out and about pretty much whenever the sun is shining! The second pic is when I first bought the car. Done a lot of small tidying up jobs since then to bring it up to a standard I'm happy with. FIrst pic is of the car a few days ago after a detailing session. And the third is the interior, this is where I have done most of the work to get it looking fresh .
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