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  1. Definitely leaning towards decambering rather than blocks, just seems unsafe stacking things that high. Also I'd just like to mention that it's not the ton of breeze blocks in the boot look I'm after. It's a more factory look if anything. Looking at this image below from fords marketing material, albeit it's a 4 door, but the body seems to sit level to the wheels, the rear tyres are tucked in, and there is good clearance round the front arches. Compared to this image of my car, there may be a slight perspective difference, but that should be negligible. The wheels sit in the green plane, whereas the body sits on the slightly forward tilted red plane. Giving it what I am calling the dog with it's arse in the air look. The whole rear wall is exposed to almost the same extent as the front. The hope is that dropping the rear an inch will even things out a little.
  2. Right I've had a look. As notenoughtime suspected they are 1.5inch spacers and not 2. Though I would say the rear needs to sit down at least another inch from where it is. So how much is too much when it comes to lowering blocks? I would say 2.5 to 3 inches would be the sweet spot, but to achieve this I think I would need to stack a 1 or 1.5 inch block under the current blocks. Is this even safe? Maybe this will be too much leverage on the springs? Or alternatively I could get the springs decambered an inch or two. Which would be the most correct way to do this?
  3. Thanks for the welcome! Yeah sure. So it's a 1300GT, built in 1972. Pretty standard car all round to be honest. Interior was a little shabby but I've redone most of that now. The real gem on the inside were the seats, a pair of mk2 fishnet recaros. Definitely not a standard feature, so it's not for the purist, but almost mint condition and incredibly comfortable. The history of the car is a bit of an unknown. I bought it from a garage, and because of GDPR legislation they are no longer allowed to disclose previous owners. I even contacted the DVLA and they won't give me anything either. Although I am very keen to find out where it has been in it's life time, so I may be asking round at some point whether anyone here may have owned it in the past!
  4. Yeah I'm definitely thinking the car leans forward a little too much. Maybe a pair of decambered springs may be the solution? I think the previous owner lowered the front by two inches, then put two inch blocks on the back, but as Vista said also installed single leaf springs at the same time, which raised the car back up again. I like the way the car handles, but I can't help thinking it could sit/look just a little nicer if it was a little lower on the rear. Or maybe even a little higher on the front would do it?
  5. Hi all, Just trying to figure out the ride heights on my Escort. I believe the car is sitting a little high on the rear. The gap between the arches and the tyre is pretty much the same on the front and back of the car, which I think is possibly incorrect. My dad however insists that this is the correct height, and nothing should be done to change it. Most images I see of the MK1 seem to have the rear wheels much more tucked in to the arch in comparison to the front, whereas mine seems to to sit even front and rear. Can anyone weigh in and help settle this dispute? I know it's probably just down to preference, but generally is there any rough guide to go by? Compared to something like this which seems to have a tucked in aesthetic on the rear tyres Thanks Dan
  6. Hi all, Bought my MK1 Escort back in January this year. Absolutely love every moment of it. Have it out and about pretty much whenever the sun is shining! The second pic is when I first bought the car. Done a lot of small tidying up jobs since then to bring it up to a standard I'm happy with. FIrst pic is of the car a few days ago after a detailing session. And the third is the interior, this is where I have done most of the work to get it looking fresh .
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