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  1. I'm just learning that printing the item at an angle to the bed yields good layering results, i.e. not perpendicular/flat with the bed.
  2. Ooh that's gorgeous. The colour combo is perfect too. Are you keeping the slot mags?
  3. Having just read through your thread from the beginning I'm super impressed with your dedication to restoring this one. My first car was a 1.3 Fiesta Ghia and all the spannering skills I have now began there. Sadly XML 190T no longer exists as my welding ability came too late. Mind you, that was over 30 years ago. Seeing a MK1 on the road is a real treat so keep it up!
  4. Thank you OST. There's very little weight. The tyres spin up far too easily I built one around the same time this was made and put a 1760cc in it on twin 40s. That developed around 135bhp which seems tame today but that had the same power to weight as the Ferrari F40. It's hard to imagine how rapid they can be now using the newer engines and management systems.
  5. I've successfully 3D printed an adaptor to go between my speedo drive and the clock on the dash. The cable had previously been hacked and held on with tape...now it's a snug fit with a small machine screw securing it. Also printed the grille shown here to go in my bonnet vent. It's held in with Tigerseal and seems to be holding up even in this weather!
  6. My first car was a 1971 Cortina 1600 Super so I know your pain. I learned to drive and passed my test in it after just one formal lesson. Yes, the 1980s when the local papers were full of Fords for pocket money. Buy one, break it, buy another. That 1300 is amazingly nice.
  7. Having just signed up I thought it worth posting a picture of the reason. This is my 1989 Westfield SE, powered by a 1600cc crossflow from a Mexico (or so the paperwork states). No fancy Webers on this one, just a twin choke downdraft carb. The car was laid up for 20 years from 1999 until I aquired it. There's plenty to do on it but now it runs and is road legal I can enjoy it between jobs.
  8. hello folks, Thought it was time to join in. I’ve a MK1 Mexico powered Westfield built in 1989. It’s old, a bit rough but still brings a smile. Having recently got it back on the road after it being stored for 20 years, I’m busy fixing stuff and blowing away the cobwebs.
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