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  1. Hi all, im looking for a set of bushes/clips that hold the door lock rods to the mechanism, I’ve had no joy on eBay . let me know if you know somewhere or someone with stock, and can post to NZ cheers phil
  2. Pbsmk2


    Episode 1 always tickles me when Nick says “ our home for however many months “ and its still running 6 years later. I dont feel quite so bad about mine not running yet
  3. Pbsmk2


    My go to is Bad Obsession Motorsport, project binky. Good watch Marcus Hayes has some good content Usher Engineering, worth a look MK2 Dave is there also Kris Duprey is worth a scan too Salvage Flippers is doing a Cossie, so is Salvage rebuilds uk. Quite a lot of watchable content for mini fans, Stevestonmotorco, Classic mini workshop has some really good content, MED Race Technology has some stuff worth watching also. I’ve found a lot of the Escort videos are mostly slideshows, not many build videos about. Ashleigh Vlogs has one cossie vid, with a mk2 sport making a guest appearance ( looks to me like a SA 1600 sport ) cheers
  4. Hi all, been giving youtube a hammering while im stuck at home. I cant find heaps on Mk2 Escort builds, any recommendations? cheers Phil
  5. It will be really tough, fingers crossed we all get off lightly compared to Italy and Spain. Not a lot of good news going around currently. I reckon these forums will turn out to be just what we need for our mental health.....
  6. Hi all, i know I said Christmas for being on the road, looks like it will be next Christmas...... all body work done, everything sealed in epoxy, now to the filler work. Should be ready for paint in a couple of weeks........ bloody lock down, no work, no money coming in. properly pissed off and stressed ( just like everyone else, all over ) heres a couple of the latest photos....
  7. Hi All, ive been thinking about posting this for a while now, ever wondered where your old school Ford is now? Chances are, mine have been scrapped. but you never know...... my first car , mk2 escort 2dr pop plus in powder blue OSU156P, I ran it into the bacK of a metro. a “friend “ had a dad who was a panel beater was going to sort it for me, never saw him or the car again. mk2 2 dr SUD613T in silver, sold it to a guy I used to work with mk2 2 dr BWD13T, unfinished project. 2.0 pinto, type 9 box, rollcage, gave up and sold it to Ian Harwood. As I said, probably all scrapped by now, but you never know.... cheers Phil
  8. Cracked block and a few issues with the head, easier to bin and start again. Ive never seen it run so i shouldnt be surprised as everything else was stuffed.
  9. So, Slow progress, but still moving forward. front wings in epoxy. new rear panel fitted roof stripped, 4-5mm of old paint and filler gone, no rot, no more surprises. the guys have made up a new parcel shelf, old one had been hacked about. new rear 1/4 finally arrived. thats all the good news, now for the bad..... motor is stuffed. might be able to save the crank, everything else is scrap. I know what i’ll be asking Santa for now....
  10. Night..... mare so, loom altered, I now have intermittent wipe, but no washers. Looks like a dodgy switch. the new loom has more plugs on than the original, so thats good. old loom had domestic 3 core used to headlights, not a wire in sight for front side lights.... new loom has all headlight feeds cut for what must have been a relay? Not professionally done. this could be a long job
  11. Second hand loom arrived yesterday, looks in better condition than my old one, so plugged everything in and see what i get. extra terminal on headlight switch, i suspect this may be for factory sport lights? Also wiring to this switch is coloured differently, deep joy. missing wiring for extra relay for intermittent wipe, another issue to solve. More fun on the way i fear......
  12. Given im on a budget, Ive gone for a second hand loom, hopefully I can make one good loom from 2, we’ll see.....
  13. Fuel tank trough replaced Lower rear quarter replaced bonnet on and checking fit door skin going on another busy week........
  14. Front panel fitted, slam panel removed, repaired and refitted. wings sitting on, gaps look ok. another good week and the front end might be ready for paint ( hopefully )
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