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  1. New front chassis rail fitted, strut towers rebuilt, battery tray deleted and inner wing repaired.......
  2. Yeah, I know. Find out soon enough....
  3. I know. its not a hard deadline , just something to aim for. Were nearly at the point where there SHOULDNT be anymore surprises, but who knows. The next 2 weeks should be interesting. There was a company in Australia advertising carbon fibre boot spoilers, but I see motorsport tools are listing them now also. just itching to get on with it.....
  4. Just a quick update. More rot, damage found this week, front chassis rails seemed ok, but closer inspection revealed issues. A couple of calls later a new left front rail is on its way from a stockist here in NZ. Which means the body guys can keep going on the front while we wait for a new rear quarter to arrive from the UK. Ive decided to go for white, with black accents and hopefully a carbon fibre rear spoiler. Got an engine builder lined up to give mine a look over, hopefully it can be rescued. I’m trying to find some genuine seats as the original ones have had the adjusters welded up solid. The plan is to have the car running a road legal by the end of the year. i seem to be saying “ hopefully “ a bit just lately ..... Phil
  5. I’m undecided on colour, and I need to pick one soon. ive always wanted a white sport, but I like signal orange too.
  6. No, more like a lime green
  7. Cleaned up the painted plate. doesnt look oe to me,but who knows. Just seems a bit convenient....
  8. Hi it was a darker metallic blue and the painted plate has too much paint on to make out the lettering, ill strip that next
  9. More new metal than old by the time it’s done, that’s for sure. It came to NZ lime green, I don’t believe it to be the original colour, sand blaster found evidence of yellow and blue in its past. vin tag shows paint code of OQ, anyone know what that was? Cheers Phil
  10. Hi, here’s my mk2. its a 1980 1600 Sport imported to NZ from South Africa. i bought it knowing the floor was damaged, but as you all know, until you start stripping you don’t really know how bad things are. Got it media blasted from the roof down. Boot floor is good.... Otherwise it needs floor, sills, firewall, chassis rails , wings,arches, rear 1/4, door A posts, the list goes on and on. its one of those jobs, you get so far in you just have to keep going, what 40yr old doesn’t need surgery..... after doing some research I’ve got a really good Resto shop doing the work. Because The damage was noted at import, all the repairs have to be inspected and certified along the way. it arrived to me with engine and gearbox already out so I’ve not even seen it running. the plan is to rebuild as a std 1600 sport, use it for a while and then look at a repower bit later, funds allowing. cheers Phil
  11. Hi All, greetings from Auckland, New Zealand. formerly from Kingswinford, West Mids. Been here nearly 10yrs now. owned 3 Mk2 Escorts when I was young and foolish, now im old and foolish Ive bought another. its a 1980 1600 Sport from South Africa, undergoing restoration. cheers Phil
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