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  1. Cracked block and a few issues with the head, easier to bin and start again. Ive never seen it run so i shouldnt be surprised as everything else was stuffed.
  2. So, Slow progress, but still moving forward. front wings in epoxy. new rear panel fitted roof stripped, 4-5mm of old paint and filler gone, no rot, no more surprises. the guys have made up a new parcel shelf, old one had been hacked about. new rear 1/4 finally arrived. thats all the good news, now for the bad..... motor is stuffed. might be able to save the crank, everything else is scrap. I know what i’ll be asking Santa for now....
  3. Hi, there are are a few Recaro seat for sale here in NZ, coming out of an Isuzu Bighorn ( trooper/vx Monterey ) anyone tried these?
  4. Hi All, confusion reigns..... apart from the hazard switch I only have the one 3pin plug and that goes to the relay that has the heavy black wire that runs to the rear. this car has been hacked around and has all sorts of poorly done repairs and changes. Wiring loom colours vary between then2 looms too
  5. I have a heated rear window switch ( that came with a trim I ordered)but I don’t have a heated rear screen, but the switch doesn’t match the plug in the picture
  6. Hi, mine is 1980, it didn’t have a fog switch
  7. Ok, so.... As some of you may have seen from earlier posts, I have a 1600 Sport originally from SA with heaps of issues. I’m currently trying to solve a loom issue by getting a non sport wiring loom to work in the 1600 sport. So far I have spliced in the relay wiring from the old loom and I now have intermittent wipe, possibly not worth the time, but it’s done and works. I don’t have washers but I think that may be the switch. i also have no headlights, I can get them all to work with a power probe, so I’ll get there in the end. The question for today is..... on the old loom I have a plug with a fused relay and the wiring has a 3 pin plug located near the hazard switch, I have a large gauge red spliced to another live in the loom, a couple of wires from the switch go to to relay, the one confusing me is I have a large gauge black wire going to the rear loom, so now I’m thinking it may be for a rear fog light, not the front spots as I was hoping. also, the fog light switches I’ve seen on eBay are only 2 pin, not 3. Your thoughts appreciated... Phil
  8. Night..... mare so, loom altered, I now have intermittent wipe, but no washers. Looks like a dodgy switch. the new loom has more plugs on than the original, so thats good. old loom had domestic 3 core used to headlights, not a wire in sight for front side lights.... new loom has all headlight feeds cut for what must have been a relay? Not professionally done. this could be a long job
  9. Second hand loom arrived yesterday, looks in better condition than my old one, so plugged everything in and see what i get. extra terminal on headlight switch, i suspect this may be for factory sport lights? Also wiring to this switch is coloured differently, deep joy. missing wiring for extra relay for intermittent wipe, another issue to solve. More fun on the way i fear......
  10. Given im on a budget, Ive gone for a second hand loom, hopefully I can make one good loom from 2, we’ll see.....
  11. Hi all, been to visit the mk2 this weekend, moving along but not as much as id hoped. anyway, looking at the suspension parts scattered around the workshop reminds me that I need to get ordering suspension bushes. so it a 1980 Mk2 sportfrom South Africa, ive been looking on ebay and i cant decide which way to go, rubber or poly bushes. suggestions/ recommendations or what to avoid? thanks phil
  12. Fuel tank trough replaced Lower rear quarter replaced bonnet on and checking fit door skin going on another busy week........
  13. Pbsmk2

    Mk2 seats

    Those look mint
  14. Hi, mine is in bits right now, but yes, it does have a seperate solenoid, passenger side.
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