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  1. The Escort turned a lot of heads in the way home yesterday, that’s for sure. weather has been pretty good, I wouldn’t swap it for early Feb in Dudley.... the other cars in that photo are in the Bodyshop I’ve used. Mk2 Cortina is a new arrival and the red car is an MG ( looks like a Mk2 Jag from a distance.
  2. Finally got it home, after 2yrs.... now to get on with finishing
  3. They should be std, I suspect they are for clearance for the indicators.
  4. Slow progress this week...... Fuel lines run and connected to tank. brake pipes run, just needing a bleed. fit headlights, mountings and buckets. grille in too now. Hopefully get it home next weekend....
  5. Yes, South African model and long range tank. the pain is the neck and cap are different diameters so seals and caps are different
  6. New windscreen in today, fit dash and switches. fit fuel tank and start overhauling rear brakes and trial fit new wheels......
  7. So, rear window, side windows and headlining in. Exhaust modified and new rear hanger made up. New gearbox cross member fitted. whats more annoying the cracking a brand new windscreen at 10pm at night, not very much......
  8. So, big day today. aim is to finish work at 2.30 and then drive 2hrs to the workshop and do a late one on the car. headlining and glass and a bit more if possible. todays question, at the moment the tracking is way out, like 2” toe out. I need to take the rack off anyway and centre it. I will get it set up properly later but for now I just want the wheels pointing the same way. does anyone know what measurement I should be aiming for between the track rod ends? phil
  9. I’d start by checking the terminals in the light itself phil
  10. So, paint is almost done. Body finished inc black outs. doors, bonnet and boot painted, doors to be finished tomorrow. plan for this week, fit headlining and all glass. Fit all panels and decals fuel tank, brakes and plumb all. pick up and bring home on Friday for finishing off.. thats the plan anyway......
  11. Hi, can anyone tell me where I can buy a fuel tank sender for my 1980 escort 1600 Sport, its from SA so has a long range fuel tank.
  12. Hi Lawrence, welcome along. where in nz are you?
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