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  1. Thank you everyone for replying.and no I am not selling.just wanted to know the value .i spent to much time running around .trying to find parts and moving from one garage to the next to put the car together.thanhs again everyone at osf.
  2. My ford escort mk 1 is a 2 door on a 1100 deluxe body .but has as a 1300cc xflow engine and 4speed gearbox
  3. Hello can anyone tell me what my ford escort mk 1 1974 is valued at.i had a restoration done on it.new front and back floors New Mexico front wings.chrome front and back bumpers.and new dog bone grille ,headlights new.i also have new front valance and rear end .also new reupholstered vinyl back seats.new door cards east Kent and rear quarter cards .and new magnum panels complete chassis .all panels from magnum panels.i also have new leaf springs ,Gaz front and rear shocker absorbers,new anti roll bars and a used 3.9diff.i have a used 1300xflow engine and 4 speed gearbox with rs dash .i also have new rs jbw wheel and Yokohama tyres.it was converted to rhd drive this summer by historic motorsport in Exeter.Also the cards a import converted to rhd summer 2019 by historic motorsports..I bought the car in 2015 .first registered in 2018 U.K. and had a chassis vin number and a nova certificate.the car has no chassis number stamped on the strut mounts .i would like the osf members to give me a value cost to sell it.thank you
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