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  1. John wan

    Roll over jig

    Sorted it made the jig an works good well my ares starts twitching halfway havnt had the balls to spin all the way 😁😂
  2. John wan

    Help please

    Seen how a few others have done an im going down that route make new bits made up this new spring hanger bit dont look to shabby eh 😁
  3. John wan

    Roll over jig

    Hi anyone got any picks of how they have attached there jigs please.
  4. John wan

    Help please

    Im fine making the new sections im just more curious how others have done theres its a common area to rust the main bit im asking aboug is the internal strengthening peice the added issue i have is the doughnut that started the project has fitted new jacking points an spring hangers with the crusty sheet left in so going to have to chop out whats there an maybe even remove the new parts first
  5. John wan

    Help please

    Right im currently derusting a 63 anglia an between making pannels an buying them im motoring through nicely. I bought the car with new pannels fitted but in some areas .the previous owner decided to close up ie the a pillars with propper knackered original metal in there all this is now removed an replaced flitch pannels to inner wings same the b pillars were held together with filler an magic. Now the front from the b pillars is replaced an solid the idea of me starting up this thread is im wanting ideas on how to replace the metal inside the rear crossmember picture with red arrow thats not my car the rusty bit is
  6. Sorry didnt get that whats you mate doing 😂😂😂
  7. Thanks for the advice buddy not sure how long its been off the road but i have the new type log book and it is registered as a vhi ive also got it taxed at the mo
  8. Solid ish 😂 Not sure on engine but im hoping to buy a whole car an swap everything inc wiring into the anglia been thinking mx5
  9. Cheers all Rich ive bought it so i can take it to play on tracks or go drifting in it. But all that is a long way off as theres shed loads of welding to do allthough there was a few bits done before i got it some of the old wrotten stuff was left in so got to go over that as well but im making good progress as im jobless at the mo 😂
  10. Hi New to the group first ford in 20 years thought i needed to scratch the itch again 😁 i bought the below anglia 105e at the beginning july as a bday present an im motoring through welding up and sorting out rusty bits the previous owner decided to leave in behind new pannels
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