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  1. Sorry didnt get that whats you mate doing 😂😂😂
  2. Thanks for the advice buddy not sure how long its been off the road but i have the new type log book and it is registered as a vhi ive also got it taxed at the mo
  3. Solid ish 😂 Not sure on engine but im hoping to buy a whole car an swap everything inc wiring into the anglia been thinking mx5
  4. Cheers all Rich ive bought it so i can take it to play on tracks or go drifting in it. But all that is a long way off as theres shed loads of welding to do allthough there was a few bits done before i got it some of the old wrotten stuff was left in so got to go over that as well but im making good progress as im jobless at the mo 😂
  5. Hi New to the group first ford in 20 years thought i needed to scratch the itch again 😁 i bought the below anglia 105e at the beginning july as a bday present an im motoring through welding up and sorting out rusty bits the previous owner decided to leave in behind new pannels
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