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  1. Any recommendations on websites in regards to the Honda 2000 engine mod for the mk2 please 👍
  2. So how many of you guys have put a Honda 2000 engine in your mk2 escorts ?.
  3. Oh well never mind, will look out for the next meet 👍
  4. So guys....I wonder when the next ford meet will be, especially with all this bloody Covid ??
  5. I have the 711m engine and it just revs so freely.
  6. Thx again guys. Would you recommend delorto or Weber carbs if I change the head on my 1600 xflow mk2 escort, I was thinking of using Harrison for a upgraded head. Any recommendations guys 👍.
  7. Thx guys, mine has got none under the carpet or anywhere else, I see in some pics on the net that they are meant to have sound proofing around the heater bubble. But it has got a boot carpet 👌🤓.
  8. Is there any such thing as vinyl roof kits available for the mk2 4 door escort ??
  9. Oh yea, and I have done a rough mixture tune with a Colour Tune Kit 🤣🤣.
  10. Thx guys, I have right carb then 👍🤓. I have done another timing check and mixture check tonight. I put the timing to 8 deg BTDC, with vacume pipe to dizzy disconnected and blocked off. She seems to have got the nice exhaust rasp note again. In regards to the sound deadening I have got some adhesive foam sheets online. I have got some recaro seats from a rover 800, I just need to fabricate some spacers to enable the seats to fit in the car. Really appreciate all the info guys 👍👌🤓😁. Very kind regards Marcus.
  11. Good afternoon, can anyone tell me what is the correct Weber carb for a 1600 xflow 1600 sport engine out of a mk2 Escort. And should a standard 1978 mk2 escort ghia have two door mirrors. And secondly, should they have sound deadoning as standard under the floor carpet. Many thx Marcus.
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