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  1. I've just taken an 1100 engine out of my escort, for more power. 1300 fitted but not quite running. I know the 1100 and 1300 block are the same - but have a different crank shaft, to give more throw of the pistons. My question is - are the connecting rods the same on the 1100 and 1300, or are the 1300 longer? I can get a 1300 crank shaft for £100 so was hoping to make a 1300 out of a 1100. (I have a spare 1300 cylinder head) any help would be apreciated
  2. Thanks - thats the colour. Please help with my next question if you can. I best start a new thread
  3. Colour code is 11 or F11 The damed thing wont let me put photos up. Stamped on the VIN under colour is 11. The colour plate is exactly like this U CAF SA18453 - - EBL 3 BUB26 - A - - G - - 6 - - 3 - - - 52A - F11 8 1A E9
  4. I've seen the same in fiberglass for £7500, Idont know what the quality was like though
  5. Hi folks, I have a 1600 Ghia mk2 escort 4 door made in Germany March 1976. Its mid blue metalic. However I dont know the exact colour, no colour tag on the vehicle. I've researched for hours and discovered they only made them in three metalic blue colours that year/season. One colour is Miami blue, but the other two are not stated. Any help please
  6. I have an old 1300 crossflow head, and a decent set of 1600 valves. I intend to cut the 1300 valve seats to match the 1600 valves which is 1.5 mm diameter on the exhaust valve and less on the inlet. Should I do this by hand or send it in to a machine shop where every valve will be cut to exactly the same depth?
  7. This photo was taken in 1986, that me and my sister. This car said 4 door 1600 sport on the documents, all the interior was 1600 sport including the front seats that did not fold. However I still can not be 100% sure it was genuine, only 99.9%. I think back in the 1980's you could change your "Specification" on the old green V5 documents. The car was sold in Carlisle in 1989 and I am desperate to trace it, buy it or even find its Reg. I've often wondered if i did a Subject Access Request to the Police - if they would give me the reg. I got stopped many times, for loud exhaust, dangerous driv
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