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  1. Hi again, I did some research online and went for throttle bodies as they seemed to give better performance than carbs but in hindsight I wish I had gone the twin carb route. Im not mechanically minded so put my trust in recommended people, which quite frankly has bitten me in the arse. Luckily I found a decent set of second hand Jenveys also the garage that did such a bad job on the install will hopefully refund me as they have a good rep and want to keep it. Your right about the budget though that is why I went for the bike throttle body kit. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked out this way for me. You live and learn. Thanks for the detailed response by the way. Hopefully I’ll get the car back soon and can get to enjoy it.
  2. The Throttle body kit was from danst engineering and consisted of ZX10r throttle bodies with 330cc injectors. I swapped to Jenveys for drivability reasons rather than power reasons. More gradual throttle response. I took the advice of a company who build Zetecs for Ginetta race cars. If anyone is interested I’ll be selling the kit and the single Weber carb and manifold when I eventually get my car back.
  3. The joys of classic motoring. Alarm bells started ringing when I got sent a picture of the fuel pump attached to a piece of chequer plate in the boot and the fuel lines were going through bare metal holes cut in the boot floor.
  4. Thanks 👍 Had the BMW for 15 years and fancied a change, wasn’t particularly after a Ford Consul, I was actually looking for A Gilbern GT, but have always liked them and when this popped up on Ebay it looked like a well sorted fun car. Which it was until I blew the back axle to bits. It has been in 2 separate garages getting the axle fixed and throttle bodies put on. The first garage did such a bad job that when I took it to a rolling road to get it tuned they wouldn’t let it on in case it burst into flames. Got charged £60 an hour For the privilege as well. Its been at the second garage since the end of July because the day after it went there their mechanic had a stroke.... I think it could be cursed. I should get it back by the start of the month and I can get on with sorting out the steering which was messed up during its stay at the first garage too. Argghhhh. I can do interior stuff and some bodywork but back axles and throttle bodies were a little beyond my pay grade hence having to trust a garage. Hopefully I’ll have it sorted for next summer as it’s been away since April so missed all the shows and sunny weather this summer.
  5. Thanks and thanks 👍 Little bit more info on the car, it was last painted in the early 70’s, there is no rust that I can find, has full stainless exhaust system and I have seen it once since April !!!!! Here is a picture of it with the car I sold to buy it, ended up being pretty much a straight swap money wise.
  6. Thanks and no worries 👍 I might need this place for some advice in the future so worth the spend.
  7. It was very well put together by a guy in Exeter. The story goes that he built it for a guy who only drive it once or twice before the bench seat cause his back some grief, he then sold it to the guy in Scotland that I bought it from who again due to circumstances beyond his control only drove it a couple of times himself so the engine had only done about 400 miles when I got my hands in it. It was built with a 2 litre Zetec with a single carb, discs on the front and drums on the back. The axle is an English axle from I think an Anglia. I had no info with the car, just the receipt for the engine and log book. its the first car I have ever bought done so wanted to make it more mine after the first summer of driving it. Just little things to start with, sound deadening, hidden stereo, change the wheel colour, put decent tyres on it. This is where things went a bit west, I promptly blew everything on the back axle. So last winter it had custom made updates half shafts an LSD and new crown wheel, I’ve also lowered the front a little and it’s in the process of having Jenvey throttle bodies added and new free flowing manifold. The picture below is with bike carbs but have decided against these and have gone with Jenvey’s. More pics.
  8. Hi there, just joined up thought you might be interested in my car. I bought it in March 2018 off eBay from a guy in Scotland without going to look at it, you know exactly how your always told you shouldn’t. It did have a very good description with loads of photos and videos in my defence, plus it was in Scotland and I’m in Wales and that’s a long way. 😁 Anyway, It’s a 1954 Ford Consul with a 2 litre Zetec and 5 speed gearbox. Here are some pics of what it was like when I got it and went to Silverstone Classic in it.
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