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  1. these new first line/borg and beck handbrake cables are shocking... .has anybody got a nos cable .even an old moprod or older QH one would do ta
  2. winter of 1984. nice 1300gt too.
  3. my 1300e. its stood the test of time very well. currently at 26000 miles. has been for the last 20 yrs lol
  4. had classic fords since 1983. they werent so classic then. approx 140 mk1 escorts passed thru my oily hands along with 50 odd mk2 cortinas and a few sierras.mk3 4 5 cortinas .a mk1 lotus cortina. currently own a now famous modena green 1300e which ive had about 30 yrs, a 1600e mk2 cortina .a rare mk2 cortina 1600gt estate.2 x mk6 escorts.a 1990 sierra sapphire 1.8 and an orion ghia si
  5. beer is 1.98 a pint in weatherspoons andy.lol
  6. if anybody is the 1300e man its me..lol lol
  7. hi . im richard from yorkshire.. own a few classic fords.. a few of you lot will have crossed my path before.
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