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  1. In this video I am mostly cutting up tube and sticking it together with unicorns because (a) my welder is broken and (b) I suck at welding anyway! The end results though, well, I am very happy with them and cannot wait to get them properly welded up!
  2. Something a bit different this week, answering your questions about the 1958 Ford Prefect 100e pinto turbo project car build and more! Normal service will resume next week.
  3. I've not been looking forward to making the brake and fuel hardlines I have to say, and I wasn't wrong! Despite that, so far so good, the they've come out looking nice, though I haven't pressure tested the plumbing yet so it could still be a disaster!
  4. Just meant as a jokey reference to welding 😄
  5. In this video we modify parts to make them work on the 1958 Ford Prefect 100e Pinto Turbo Project Car. First up is the compressor housing of our new turbo which needs a boost take off for the wastegate, then we take the cleanest completely original Ford Pinto EFI fuel rail we have ever seen, and cut it up! Talking of cutting things up, we cut up the steering column support too! In the end though, we make everything better and the car is getting closer to the point where we take it all apart again...
  6. In this video the main focus is getting the wiring finished! To that end, we set about installing our megasquirt ecu in to the 1958 Prefect 100e Pinto Turbo Project Car. It's a setup we used previously on the kit car build, but the looms a mess, but not because we did a bad job last time, oh no, we were smart, we knew it was going to be pulled out and go into something else, so what we did was extend our brand new loom so when we pulled it it out we still had a completely new loom to work with on the new car, and it was totally worth it! We also get a little bit of plumbing done while we are at it, and the car is really coming together well. ALSO, I will be doing a Q&A video in the coming weeks, so if you have any questions you want me to answer in that, just let me know
  7. Making a wiring loom from scratch is hard work and takes a lot of planning, but it will be totally worth it when it is all done! As well as working on the wiring I install new switch panel and centre console, some of my intellitronix gauges and my pidash.
  8. My notifications always just say "somebody"
  9. In amongst all the work I have been doing on the wiring, I have been doing small periods of work on other bits and pieces to try and keep me sane! This video is a collection of the work I did on the turbo and the intake manifold setups and I am very pleased with the results. The new (used) Subaru TD05 turbo exhaust housing is in immaculate condition and was well worth buying as it fits the new turbo, and everything else perfectly. If only the inlet manifold was as good a buy! I am still in shock by not only how dirty it was but that I found so much crap inside it! Yes, I know, it a youtube video and if I was sat watching someone else's video where this happened, I would think it is fake too, but I swear its real. I am half tempted to message the eBay seller I bought it off and find out if they had engine problems though. In a way I am thankful it was so dirty because if it wasn't I might have just bolted it on and run it as it was, and would have destroyed my engine!
  10. Thank you, am taking my time over the wiring to try and make sure its done once and done right, as I had no end of problems with the wiring on my kit car because instead of starting over with it, I made do and carried on with the mess that was in the car when I bought it. I dont want that to happen again!
  11. It's that time of the build where I want to start building a completely custom wiring harness for the 100e, but not old is there a lot of wiring in this video, I receive a very generous gift from a subscriber! First up though is making FIVE battery leads, 1 ground, 1 to the FIA battery cut off, 1 to the bulk head connector, 1 to the alternator and last but not least, 1 to the starter! With those out the way it is time to turn attention to the main fuse board, which leads on to the fancy start button set up I want to use! It really is never ending this stuff.
  12. Now, where does this bit go? That's a question I see my self asking a lot over the coming weeks, so first thing first better formulate a plan! I need to work out where everything is going to live, and of course, the plan I had in my mind looks like it isn't going to work out. Still, in this weeks video we make lots of progress, the pedal box is in, the battery is in, the handbrake is half in, we make a CAD template for one of the two switch panels, and even make plans for plumbed in fire extinguisher!
  13. It seems a very long time ago that I first drove down to view this car for it to only now be coming home, but that's because it was at my good friends Steve Walford Motorsports until now. Now that the major bits of work that Steve is helping with are done, it is time for the 100e Prefect to come home and for me to get started on fitting all the parts I have been gathering for it. In this video I set about tackling the boot lid fitment, which doesn't sound like it should be that difficult, but it was far more complicated then it should have been. Also get one of the kirkey seats fitted so can start working out where everything else is going to live!
  14. In this weeks video we build a new tube front end for the Ford 100e Prefect project car as unfortunately the last setup was removed before we bought the car. Plus side is we get to build it how we want! With that complete we finally have something we can mount the radiators too - Yes, for those who arent familiar with the previous car, we have 2 rads in this setup! - as well as get the bodywork on at least a little bit straighter than it was before
  15. This weeks video is a bit shorter than normal, but I wanted to try a new style of video and see what you all think. I wont do every video like this, but I have another, longer fabrication video in the works that I intend to do in this style, but I wont if you hate it! So make sure you give me some feedback so I have chance to change next weeks video if I need to! In this video, we make some custom billet parts especially for making things fit the Ford Prefect 100e project car. It never ceases to amaze me how many hours go into things like this, but the end result is worth it.
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