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  1. theduck


    Picked up the local one last night. Guess what arrived today? 🙈 Anyone want a 100e type 9 gearbox mount?
  2. theduck


    Cheers all, have opened a non-delivery on ebay and am collecting the other one tomorrow. Was just curious if this was normal for them or not.
  3. theduck


    More a general question than sepecific to 100e/105e, but has anyone any experience of getting bits from alachi57? What has your experience of communication etc been like? and timescales from order to delivery? I admit I tried a few times to contact them before ordering and got no response, but decided i'd take a punt anyway as i see what appears to be lots of their bits on other cars so figure maybe they just dont do the computer side so well? Anyway ordered some bits through ebay knowing if it came to it I would be protected by ebay, and as kind of expected, it hasnt arrived, but one went up on Retards Club marketplace local to me, so gonna get that one and am trying to cancel the one i ordered through ebay.
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