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  1. It seems a very long time ago that I first drove down to view this car for it to only now be coming home, but that's because it was at my good friends Steve Walford Motorsports until now. Now that the major bits of work that Steve is helping with are done, it is time for the 100e Prefect to come home and for me to get started on fitting all the parts I have been gathering for it. In this video I set about tackling the boot lid fitment, which doesn't sound like it should be that difficult, but it was far more complicated then it should have been. Also get one of the kirkey seats fitted so can start working out where everything else is going to live!
  2. In this weeks video we build a new tube front end for the Ford 100e Prefect project car as unfortunately the last setup was removed before we bought the car. Plus side is we get to build it how we want! With that complete we finally have something we can mount the radiators too - Yes, for those who arent familiar with the previous car, we have 2 rads in this setup! - as well as get the bodywork on at least a little bit straighter than it was before
  3. This weeks video is a bit shorter than normal, but I wanted to try a new style of video and see what you all think. I wont do every video like this, but I have another, longer fabrication video in the works that I intend to do in this style, but I wont if you hate it! So make sure you give me some feedback so I have chance to change next weeks video if I need to! In this video, we make some custom billet parts especially for making things fit the Ford Prefect 100e project car. It never ceases to amaze me how many hours go into things like this, but the end result is worth it.
  4. It is the third gen mx5 gearbox that you would need, something I have seen more than one person get wrong. Biggest benefits are they are a little cheaper than a standard type 9, they are much newer and likely a lot stronger too. Actually, by the time you have bought a type 9 and a bellhousing to fit the duratec the mx5 box will be a lot cheaper! Cant help with whether they fit in a escort tunnel though.
  5. Was hoping to make this one but then realised its the wifes birthday weekend, so I would be hung, drawn and quartered if I even dare suggest it
  6. It's that time of the week again! In this weeks video the Turbo Pinto setup gets thrown in the general direction of the 100e's engine bay and we take a look to see where it lands. All in all, it wasnt too bad, the transmission mount was simpler than expected as all the bits we needed to bolt in the one I bought were already fitted to the car, but the engine mounts didnt go quite as smoothly...
  7. Was out at a local car meet last night so didn’t get chance to share the link to this weeks video until now. In this one I finish off repairing the bonnet and get both boot and bonnet painted ready to go on the car. I am pretty happy with the results too, when I was painting them I had my concerns but now its all dried it is looking pretty good. Sure, if I got out some 1500 grit wet and dry and wet sanded them it would look a lot better, but I don't think it justifies going to that extreme, especially as I am likely going to replace the bonnet in the future anyway.
  8. Yep, exactly why I went that route. It's also a bit different, and I like that. Can't wait to see what it is like in my 100e.
  9. Yeh it is turbo'd. 278bhp was best we saw, but we had issues getting the power down on the dyno, so it is likely more than that. Oh and that was on the "low boost" setting 🤣
  10. 😲My pinto has more power than that and costs a hell of a lot less to build too!
  11. I think there have always been those that preferred originality over modified, but as the cars get older and more "collectable" there will be more people that are vocal about their dislike for modifying. That is unless the modifications fit a particular "approved" 🙄 route. My father inlaw has a pre-war austin 7 rp. People are furious if you modify one, even using an otherwise scrap car for a build that isnt back to original, unless you build a "special" then they love it...
  12. Seems I forgot what my own release schedule was when i posted last week, so no engine mounting today, instead you get to see me starting work on repairing the scrap yard fibreglass bonnet. The more I work on this bonnet, the more I have come to realise, it really wasnt as good as it looked in the photos, and realistically it wasnt worth the "saving" over buying a new one. Having said that, if I had bought a new one then I wouldnt have had much I could get on with while the car is still at my mates, so in a way, it has been quite nice to have this to focus on during the weekday evenings when i cant get over to work on the rest of the car.
  13. I don’t see IVA being that difficult really assuming the car is well screwed together. It is not as scary as most people make out, just need to build with the test in mind and familiarise yourself with the manual.
  14. Depends how the DVLA view the parts and if you can convince them they are “heritage” replacement parts, then you can as it would class as a replacement chassis. Lots of it’s though and wouldn’t like to be first to try. Personally would just go IVA route for a road car.
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