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  1. I don’t see IVA being that difficult really assuming the car is well screwed together. It is not as scary as most people make out, just need to build with the test in mind and familiarise yourself with the manual.
  2. Depends how the DVLA view the parts and if you can convince them they are “heritage” replacement parts, then you can as it would class as a replacement chassis. Lots of it’s though and wouldn’t like to be first to try. Personally would just go IVA route for a road car.
  3. ooh sorry, well from what I have seen of the mk2 shells, they should be pretty good!
  4. Interesting question... You could build a "new" car with it and go through IVA process, which would be simple enough. OR... you could potentially rebuild an existing MK1 escort using one as a "like for like" replacement chassis, which then doesnt require any tests.
  5. Cheers, hope you agree, this is a much better home for the Pinto Turbo setup then the kit was Its 7pm (ish) on a Wednesday, so it's new video time! Finally got her on 4 wheels! The 100e is finally a proper rolling shell again and I am pleasantly surprised how well the mix of parts is working together. Sure there is going to be a few refinements needed as go on, but for now if nothing else, its a damn site easier moving it around the yard on its own wheels then it was on the chassis dollies! In this weeks video we make a custom panhard bar, make brackets for the front suspension components, and finalise the steering setup. For such a mix match of components it has all gone together surprisingly well and even the ride heights are close enough to make it work so this is the first big milestone ticked off. Next week we'll be ticking off another milestone, getting the engine and gearbox properly mounted in the car.
  6. Feedback is always welcome and I am happy to post a more description than I am posting currently, but obviously I don’t want to write a detailed build blog, as that defeats the purpose of the videos. I’ll update my post above with some more description, let me know what you think.
  7. Who'd have thought a Volvo axle would look so at home in a 50's Ford? Those Focus coilovers are going to work a treat too! In case you haven't guessed, in this video we start work on making the Ford 100e Turbo Pinto project car a rolling shell and even if I do say so myself, we make good progress towards setting her down on all 4 wheels.
  8. Following the reveal of our Ford 100E Turbo Pinto Project Car, we need parts, and lots of them! In this video I show you all some of the parts we have got so far as well as start some work on preparing them for use on the 100E.
  9. Must have misunderstood your post. Budget pinto turbo is certainly doable, though fully built ones are a lot more fun 😁
  10. Sorry, I should probably have quoted the person I was replying to. My reply was aimed at Danish who suggested the transit pistons were good for boost.
  11. The transit low compression pistons arent any better at handling boost than the stock high compression pistons, both are ok to about 200bhp on standard unleaded, after that you need a built bottom end.
  12. I recently bought the shell of a rather well known 100e that in its previous life was used as a drift car. I also have a small youtube channel, and so am documenting the rebuild of the car on there. The first video is now live and is the reveal of the car I am hoping to be posting updates every week and for it to be a quick build so i can get the car back on the road in time for summer! Hope you enjoy the videos and any and all feedback is welcome
  13. theduck


    Picked up the local one last night. Guess what arrived today? 🙈 Anyone want a 100e type 9 gearbox mount?
  14. theduck


    Cheers all, have opened a non-delivery on ebay and am collecting the other one tomorrow. Was just curious if this was normal for them or not.
  15. theduck


    More a general question than sepecific to 100e/105e, but has anyone any experience of getting bits from alachi57? What has your experience of communication etc been like? and timescales from order to delivery? I admit I tried a few times to contact them before ordering and got no response, but decided i'd take a punt anyway as i see what appears to be lots of their bits on other cars so figure maybe they just dont do the computer side so well? Anyway ordered some bits through ebay knowing if it came to it I would be protected by ebay, and as kind of expected, it hasnt arrived, but one went up on Retards Club marketplace local to me, so gonna get that one and am trying to cancel the one i ordered through ebay.
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