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  1. Really, I had read that they were pretty good but may heve been reading about the higher capacity, what would you recommend? Any advice would be massively appreciated, also pictures will deffinatly come im just in the parts hoarding phase at the moment
  2. Mostly not looking for anything too much for the car, was guna keep her stock but decided to bring her into the modern age a bit, I was thinking 1.4 originally
  3. Hi guys, I'm new member but been reading for a while, im just getting started on my 100e zetec conversion not planning on it being a quick thing and want to do it right. I am however a bit of a novice so will be asking alot of questions and apologise in advance for some dumb ones 😁
  4. hi guys, i'v been reading alot on here but still struggling a bit, my situation is i have a 100e and planning on putting a 1.6 zetec in with t9 gear box. My questions are 1, will i be able to mount the zetec to a 107e crossmember 2, if i use a 107 CM can i still use capri/escort struts ect, or is it easyer to get and modify an escort crossmember. i know the bulkhead and tunnel neeed it but trying to minimise cutting and welding. Just noticed I mean cortina not capri 😅
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