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  1. I think it was last started about 5 years ago, apparently it spat out one of the twin rubber fan/drive belts and was quickly shut down, so hopefully it'll be OK. I haven't managed to get her 'home' yet, and with current 'restrictions' not sure when that will happen, but I'll keep you posted. BTW, I was wondering what the best way to get rid of mildew/mould from seats / headlinings etc. without undue further staining or stretching? Is it to dry and brush, steam clean, wash / chemicals?
  2. Here are a few of pics of the 2.8, actually not as bad as I thought, all things considered... not been under it yet though! Sadly she drove here straight from the MOT bay (passed) in '98, after a new windscreen, two new exhausts, and a couple of new NCT 2's! Need to get her on a ramp and see what she needs! I think I'd like to get it clean, legal and drive it for a couple of months... a bit of a 'RAT' look about her? Any advice welcomed.
  3. My nephew & I have the skills/ability, but just too much else going on at the moment to take on something like these two! It's a shame as I remember my mum driving both of these when they were 'new', they drove to where they are now, fully MOT'd and legal (the mk2 with a new set of Michelin ZX's on fresh '1600E' rostyles) but they'll have to go I think, so we can concentrate on the Capri and Granny. I'll put up some pics of those... Interested to hear that you think they're salvageable? (I guess everything is really). We'd prefer the Corts' to go on to good homes instead of scrapping though.
  4. Hi All, I've been playing with Fords in one way or another since I was a boy and have recently been reaquainted with a couple that have been in my family for over 40 years, so I thought I'd join up. They are a pair of 4 door Cortinas, a mk2 1600 Deluxe and a mk3 1600L, very original and very complete, but sadly they are now best described as barn finds, and am not too sure what best to do with them? There's also a 1985 mk2 Granada (an everyday runner) and a 1983 2.8i Capri, that I've owned since 1991 (that's been parked up since '98) but I'm not sure if they officially qualify as oldskool just yet? I'm looking forward to getting involved with them again and would welcome to any advice, options or opinions. Cheers for now...
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