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  1. Need some struts too if anyone has anything
  2. ah ok no worries, thanks for having a look anyway! ill bare the engine in mind but not looking at the minute. but thanks
  3. Steel bubble arch so far, that’s as far as I’ve got, not decided on engine or anything
  4. Brilliant thanks, it’s an 1100 on the original log book 🤔
  5. I defiantly did! Yes they've replaced a few, just not very well. New floor and basically a whole new front end. Problem is nothing is really lined up properly and they've cut away too much of the old panels so theres gaps everywhere.
  6. Certainly is! I have to send pictures to the dvla at the end for them to release the log book as its been off the road for too long. 3 owners from new, god knows what they did to it!
  7. Just a bit! Cheers 😂
  8. Bonnet - Steel Boot lid - Steel Rear panel Boot Floor Bonnet hinge mounts Boot Hinges Heater Bowl Headlight bowls Steel bubble arches A pillar panels - all of them Struts Don't want anything thats heavily rusted, Cheers 😆
  9. Just joined the forum as last week I bought a bit of a mk1 escort.. Just a shell, more rust than metal. Literally nothing else with it apart from rusty doors not attached, the previous owner had even kindley cut the door hinges off. I'm hoping to make what I can and just gather parts and bits whilst the weathers crap and then crack on with putting it together in the summer. Ill be making a build thread on it when I get started. Need a few more parts first. So Hi! Jake
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