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  1. The price is quite high for such a poor condition wheel. I've got my eye on it as a backup. Thanks for looking! 👍
  2. Ah man! It pains me now I'm looking for some. Thanks to Martin at CapriGear, 2 wheels down, 2 to go!
  3. Ah, no worries! Thanks for the offer for the caps but I've already got a set on the way from Martin at Capri Gear 👍
  4. I think the Calypso had a slightly different style, if I remember rightly.
  5. Hi all, I'm on the lookout for some LS Steel Wheels they look like this: They are 13x5.5J and originally unique to the Capri LS between 1981-84. I've currently got three but still looking for more. Any condition considered as I'm aiming to band them and recondition them anyway. Thanks!
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