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  1. In my own defence, it was 1991 when it happened. Many genuine RS2000 alloys were For sale in the ..... Feeads.
  2. Hello, I have just bought (14 days ago) a barn find Mk1 (1300) that I aim to restore with bubble arches and a Pinto. I don't hang about and thus far, I also have a running RS2000 Mk1 engine, an Unleaded Burton head, a Pinto exhaust, RS2000 dash and a few other bits and pieces. Its not my first Escort ownership having owned a highly modded MK2 in the 80/90's, an RAC logbooked Mk2, and a Mexico Mk1 that I had to sell mid 90's to fund a house. Everyone I knew was driving Mk2's when I was younger, so adjusting looms and moving mounts to fit Pintos was a monthly task. I know that things have moved on and parts that I had previously given away as worthless clutter are now hard to find, but I am hoping this group will help fill in any gaps and tell me straight when I am either talking bobbins, or just plain doing it wrong on the Mk1. I also have an understanding wife, who says I can do what I like this time around, as long I don't ask her to rub down the paint on a set of Laser alloys, so I can polish them. (She did actually do that!)
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