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  1. Thanks, I still have to remove the radiator and have it painted black. I put it in to try and start up but I'm unfortunately having some challenges. Hoping to rectify soon
  2. Hi, I am Desigan. I am from Durban, South Africa. I have a 1976 Ford Escort MK2. It's a 2 door, 1.3 engine with a 4 speed gearbox. I've bought it 2 years ago but have only started restoring it this year. To date I have painted the engine compartment, rebuilt the engine and had it re installed into the car. I have attempted to start the car but it swings and wont start. I've checked the engine is getting fuel, the firing order is correct and both the coil and distributor is firing as per normal. I had a mechanic come see me yesterday who had said that the valve clearance could be tight and therefore the car wont start. He did swop the plugs wires and got the engine to miss fire or back fire. Is it possible that the valve clearance would cause the engine to not start up?
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