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  1. Bugger. Screen and rear out as well ? Pointers on removing windows ?
  2. How hard is it ? Is it a window out job ? Any advise much appreciated regards Jim
  3. Ok cheers pm me with what they have ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  4. Ah ok no worries. Am after a metal rear one.
  5. Marcus Hayes are good videos.
  6. Lovely cheers once you tell me the postage will pay pal you
  7. And do they just slit into these holes on the shelf or is there a clip that attaches to the shell then the rods fix to them
  8. Hi after the above not too worried about paint as will be gloss blacking it. Just want itโ€™s straight. 2 number plate light holes regards Jim
  9. Black probably as will want it painted as my front one is gloss black
  10. Hi all am after a rear bumper with two number plate light cut outs. what have you ??
  11. Brilliant. Are they from a 2 door. Or are they all the same? If you let me know postage regards Jim
  12. Brilliant if you could let me know. For a 2 door
  13. Hi all. Wanting to get a roof lining in my escort but need the bars or rods that go in the head lining. Any one know who sells them regards Jim
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