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  1. I went through the same sort of thing and wanted to increase to 8mm internal pipe and came up with this solution which was to fit a banjo bolt into the outlet which keeps the pipe close to the under body
  2. Hi Joe, is your outlet knackered or are you increasing fuel pipe size ?
  3. Hi Mark, as with any project I would suggest that you do your research and have yourself a plan and budget to work to. Before you know it a build will spiral out of control so spend every penny wisely. Once I decided on the engine I wanted, I used this forum to see what others had used before me as a guide using the vast knowledge available on here. I used many parts from Retroford who know these conversations inside out and used there package as a guide sourcing cheaper and alternative bits and pieces along the way. good luck 😁
  4. Looks mint 👍Job well done 👍Enjoy 😁🌞
  5. Thanks for your comments much appreciated 😁
  6. Thanks for your comments. It was a really good car to start with thats why I bought it and put my time into converting it. Regards the drive I’ve hardly done any miles but I can say it puts a big smile on my face when I have had it out. It can be a bugger to start but suppose thats due to the carbs. It handles well and pulls really well through the gears and sounds awesome
  7. Many thanks. I’ve just put some pictures on in project section.
  8. I thought I’d put some photos on of my project that I’ve spent the last 2 years working on..... Started out as 1100 LHD now 2000 Black Top RHD......
  9. I’m Dave and thought I’d just say hi. I’ve recently became a member after using this site for quite a while and would like to thank all the people who have gave me the inspiration to build my car. Lizzie started life as a left hand drive 1100 and has now been converted to right hand drive running a 2000 Black Top on twin 45’s
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