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  1. As title thermostat and housing wanted
  2. Anyone got a nice looking alloy rocker cover like a burton or similar?
  3. Thanks vista I’ll need to change email and password, I’ll have a look at it.
  4. Thanks monza the YB was a lovely looking engine but a expensive way to get 200 bhp and paid for a nice iconic bike that’s going up in value so not been waisted. My escort is built for fun and to be used and abused so the plan is to keep a couple of quick pinto engines that I can swap and change for now
  5. Can’t remember user name it would have been ratter something, but my old email either marknlou1@ntlword.com or markngem1@virginmedia.com both emails no longer exist
  6. How much bud, might need it posted if that’s ok depending on where you are
  7. Wanted 4 branch manifold for pinto engine into escort
  8. Hi thanks it’s the mk2 in profile pic. I built a few years ago for hill climbs/ track days and osf dragg days but due to life changes been it’s mothballed a few years, it was N/A YB but had to make a few budget changes and removed YB to keep the rest but hopefully be fun
  9. Hi everyone no been on for a few years after big life change and forgot all my old details so started again get ready for a lot of daft questions
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