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  1. Yeah English axle,would be a earlier one as small flange to prop shaft,the width of the axle (case, flange to flange)may identify which Ford it likely come from,these made in many widths
  2. I know willwood do a hand brake callipers for kit cars,which is all alloy ,don’t know what size wheel they will fit inside ,maybe give them a call
  3. Nice 👍,one day I will get myself a tig,will have to treat myself 🤔
  4. That is the cartridge the astronauts on Apollo 13 made to adapt a round filter fit a square hole.
  5. I managed to find a inlet plenum from a ginetta race car,which uses both zetec or duratec engines in rear wheel drive set up,with single throttle body,£150 But I’m also probably gonna turbo charge,hence the plenum
  6. Looks nice there,even looks like plenty of room,but you will soon fill up every space,I’m not a big fan of bike carbs/throttle body’s,most tuners hate them,the linkages usually need a lot of mods or it will be like on off button as bikes on have about quarter of a turn of throttle to be full on,but I’m sure you’re aware of this.👍👍
  7. Just measured mine and it’s 28mm,off back of block
  8. Yeah I think it is probably just as affective either way,just a support for body flex across the car.
  9. Nice job there,looks like it grew there😎
  10. That look like it gonna work out nice,what strength bar did ya go for,I usually go as stiff as poss on front
  11. this is my mates fiesta,very close to finish,rwd with duratec turbo t5 gearbox and cosworth rear axle
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