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  1. That was a bit of car quackery,hockus pocus,was supposed to save your engine when using unleaded 🙈
  2. I had to get a picture compression app from App Store,then select them from your picture library,I made a folder to keep compressed pictures in
  3. Maybe try one of the cables which are adjustable in length
  4. On my cortina I’ve put brackets on floor after the tunnel,I’m using standard Sierra cables,the plastic cog adjusters screw along outer cable so could put brackets Just about anywhere
  5. Sounds like your using Sierra cables,you should have two brackets one end stop bracket and One where adjuster goes
  6. Cheers for that,perfect,now I can make my dipstick and tube up,cheers👍
  7. That’s a tidy looking fiesta,should be lively with that motor and LSD😎😎
  8. Hi yeah that would be great,cheers Dunk
  9. Ah excellent,sorry to be a pain but could you measure that ,only approximately
  10. WANTED. Anyone got a cortina mk2,series 1,2 door rear seat,back section only,in black,reasonable condition,
  11. Wanted cortina mk2 series 1,2 door rear seat upper section(back),in black,needs to be in reasonable condition, cheers Dunk
  12. Yeah I agree escort 48”,cortina m1 is 47”,escort 48”,anglia 46” van,saloon shorter,Think cortina mk2 49”
  13. I’ll go round a mates and measure his Zetec dipstick tube from top to the Bottom of block,then measure the dipstick to full mark,and that should give me the answer,cheers
  14. On my engine theres a boss with a o ring inside,so the dip stick tube would just be a tube,the dipsticks i keep buying are bigger diameter and have o ring on the tube.Only dipsticks i can find with no o ring are diesel ones. I could cut bottom of the tube off and make the one ive got fit ,but need to know where mark should be from bottom of the block to the mark.
  15. Its made by premier motorsport development.
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