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  1. Well,at last weather has warmed up enough to paint my engine bay and front panel,got it all prepped with bit of seam sealer where needed then sprayed fresh coat of lagoon blue,never used spray gun and compressor before,happy with the result
  2. I’ve also had my sealy 160 for over 30years,been great welder,a couple years ago I treated myself to a new Stahlwerk 200 mig,it’s absolutely amazing,so easy to use,the electronics really help,it brings heat in gradually and self adjusts,(doubt it’ll last as long as my old one)
  3. Hey Mash,when welding something like a new tunnel in,I use lots of tec screws to hold the two panels together,then remove one screw at a time and spot weld,hammer down every spot weld as heat tends to lift panels slightly apart,when completely spot welded,stitch weld between spots,about inch at a time or to much heat will blow through ,hope this helps
  4. 67 Cortina

    Alan h

    Problem is every time you send the paperwork in,if it gets returned to you ,you loose your money,so I payed a company who do it all the time ,goes through first time and they hunted all the paperwork down from abroad
  5. 67 Cortina

    Alan h

    I used a company called,Vehicle registration services,they done everything for me,was pretty painless,£180
  6. I’ve often had days in the garage,when I thought if I had stayed indoors watching tv I would have achieved more😂 but when ya finally get it finished,it’s worth all the blood sweat and tears 🥳🥳
  7. You just can’t beat that old car smell with a tuned motor”I love the smell of petrol in the morning “
  8. My one was really quiet,made the odd clonk when parking,I’ve got a 3jd diff at the moment as is incredibly noisy,worst decision I’ve made to buy that,sounds like it’s eating itself🙈😂
  9. Ooo very nice,I put one in a Sierra cosworth I had,best slipper I’ve ever had,Happy Birthday to you 🥳
  10. Got these that I don’t ware anymore if any use
  11. I got my one on eBay it was brand new as someone removed from crate engine,and came with new injectors and new idle valve,£100
  12. Have a look on eBay,you can get plastic manifold that the throttle body is in middle facing up ,think off mondeo
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