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  1. Today modified my heater,i bought a kit car universal heater ,with a modern matrix and twin fans with 3 speeds(much like Sierra)fitted it inside the cortina heater box,just had to make the heater lid about 25mm deeper,and will need some spacers with longer bolts when bolting back to bulkhead,lid just screwed together at moment but will weld(out of gas)
  2. Hi Tapatalk got back to me and this is what they sent
  3. Hi ,ive googled this problem and it seems to be happening a lot,but I phone only,i found this,is this something you could check? Says its to do with my Http or Https address,don't really understand any of this stuff,im better with a abacus.
  4. Ive just sent tapatalk a message,see if they can sort,i use tapatalk a lot so dont know why only a problem on "old skool ford". Group
  5. Anything on old skool ford,including my own ,can only write on here via my i pad ,not on I phone via tapatalk
  6. Hi im having a problem using the tapatalk app on my i phone,for some reason all other forums work fine but when i go on the old skool ford forum it wont let me access certain things and wont let me reply to any posts,just comes up,you dont have permission to reply,cheers for any help,Dunk
  7. Modified the engine mount this morning so the inlet manifold now fits
  8. Is anyone else having trouble with the tapatalk app for Old school ford forum,it says I don't have permission to reply,ive tried re signing in,switching phone on and off but cant get to work.My other tapatalk forums all work fine,just not this one.
  9. Yeah your right ,a type 9 would have dropped straight in,I’m planning to run the car with a standard Zetec for a while,but will be turbo charging at later date so wanted a stronger gearbox.
  10. Been busy on the Cortina, cut out the gearbox tunnel,and welded a capri tunnel in.This was still not big enough in height to fit the Mt75 gearbox,so had to split tunnel and lift up to make room,then as the drive flang on the gearbox is high i thought the prop would be getting close,so cut tunnel all way to back seat and raised the front ,just spot welded at moment. Fitted engine and gearbox using retro Ford engine mounts,and sierra gearbox cross member,modified to fit on the capri tunnels bolt holes.Will have to modify the drivers side engine mount,so it is about 20mm lower ,I'm using the blacktop plastic manifold and it just hits the top of mount
  11. Hi,this is my build of my Cortina mk2 1600 deluxe,car was imported from Finland,so bought her back home.Car is now registered back in UK.Ive had other Cortina's,Sierra Cosworths,aswell as other classic cars and bikes.1989 is actually the newest car ive ever owned as i just dont like modern cars.At the moment i also have a Morris Minor,which ive owned since 1988,car is full spaceframed race car(but road registered)with a Cosworth turbo motor,used for bit of drag racing and circuit track days. Anyway back to the Cortina,Ive stripped car to bare shell and put on roll over jig,i want to get any rot out of bottom of shell so got good base,then rest of car can be rolling resto.I knew car was in pretty good condition as when i bought I pulled carpets back and saw floor still in original paint.I scraped serious thick wax oil off bottom of car and couldn't believe how good the floors were,has the usual rot in chassis legs,out riggers and strut tops,but not to bad,most of it is where people have done bad patches in the past.Apparently in the north of Finland they dont use salt on roads as the raindeer come down from the woods to lick the roads and cause lots of accidents😂 As im off work like a lot of people I've really got stuck in,repaired all the chassis,also adding extra layers to add bit more strength,patch on drivers footwell,and put a escort rally style boxing under radiator.I bought a rally design four link kit and have chopped it up to make my own triangulated four bar set up,using original leaf spring mount for bottom arms,and made my own mounts for top arms.I made a cross member behind the axle to mount ford focus rear anti roll bar with drop links.The roll bar is perfect width,will be using the focus roll bar on front suspension to.I have Gaz coilovers mounting on rear to.For the front suspension ive got a OldFord rack and pinion set up using capri uprights and compression strut kit.Should be picking up my Zetec in the next week or so,so can bolt to my MT75 gearbox and mock up in car as will have to cut out gearbox tunnel to fit,i have a Capri tunnel that hopefully will be big enough.Well that's enough rambling from me,I will put up some pics,Cheers Dunk
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