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  1. Truly appreciated and thanks for locating them. I’ll take you’re advice and look at securing a pair that are keyed alike. Thanks again for the help. Kindest regards - amark
  2. Many thanks - I’ll see what other locks might fit the doors to slow any would be thieves down (any recommendations welcome) and then keep the ignition as is, but add a kill switch stop anyone being able the turn and go...
  3. Hi Everyone - As I don’t have any keys for the door locks of my SA Imported Mk1 and the ignition can be turned with a cauliflower; I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get an original set or some Solex... I know the Solex have been discussed on here previously and had positive reviews, however, they only seem to be available from Australia. As always - any and all help is appreciated. Thanks - Mark
  4. Hi Katana - JK Classics are due to collect my car this Friday and start the work next week; however, I asked the question about carb setup and use of a rolling road. They responded: There’s no setting up of the cams on your engine Mark with it not being over head cam,on carbs we do it by ear then use an emissions gauge to check the levels. As I’m looking at £600 for the car collecting, the carb set up and an electronic ignition fitting - I don’t want to have too spend yet more unnecessary money in the near future...!
  5. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Got the car back, with the head gasket and valve seats sorted; however, the gent at the garage kindly had a look over her and handed me a list of things I’ll need to do - the first of which is getting her set up, as she’s running a high lift cam and he wasn’t sure about setting her up or the state of the carb... I’ll then (try) sort out the electrics, as she lights up like a Christmas Tree!!! Just waiting for a price, but she’ll (probably) be going to a local specialist (JK Classics) in Lincoln for the carbs and possibly an electronic ignition - if I’d known how much I’d have spent up to this point I’d have gone straight down the Zetec route. I’ll need to run what I’ve got for a while now! Left to my own devices (& eBay) I’ve bought some front bearings, track rod ends, a lower steering bush and am waiting on a kit from Polybush before I put her up on stands... As a couple of the engine mounting bolts were missing I’ve ordered a new set of those as well, but still need to source some engine mounts, as well as several other items - I’ll post a shopping list soon, which I’m hoping you all might be able to point me in the right directions. If I’ve bored you to death already, I’m truly sorry, but will happily take any advice and cost saving pointers you can offer along the way. I’ll try to get a more concise set of pictures loaded up, as you’ll all have more of an idea of what I’m working with than I do! Thanks again. Mark
  6. Many thanks - Would be really nice to try and get a Zoom type chat going with a couple of you that know your Mk1’s. I have aspirations about the look (inside & out) and the performance, but need to keep it realistic and a usable car. Waited a long time for her and as the shell appears to be solid, I’ll be keeping her for a long time. Thanks again and looking forward to chatting. 🤪
  7. Hi everyone, I’ve joined the forum as I’ve (eventually) managed to purchase a SA Imported MK1 Escort. I’ll apologies in advance, as I’ll be posting a million and one questions as I try to work out what bollox mods have been carried out and how (on a budget) I can get her running... as my everyday car. Just got her in with a local garage, getting the head gasket, hardened valve seats, HT leads and distributor done... next up will be the body work! So once I get her back I’ll be coming asking for advice (if that’s ok)??
  8. Recently became the lucky owner of a SA Import Mk1 Escort (which needs a bucket full of work) and would be really interested in how you did the Zetec conversion...
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