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  1. As above mine's not working, was considering sending it away to Speedy Cables but all I've heard recently is negative comments and the timescales for sending your kit back.
  2. No problem ref bonnet & thanks again for your time measuring this. Did you just cut off the tabs or are these available to buy with adhesive bases?
  3. Thanks very much mate that's great information.
  4. Ah, Thanks This looks like a better route. Was dreading letting loose with a drill and the pins weren't all the same centres so this will likely be the route I go. I don't have the original letters so where did you buy these stick on type and what were the centres between the letters as want to keep original look.
  5. Hi, looking for help as title, previous owner went for the clean line look and filled over the boot and bonnet badge holes but I would like to return to original but don’t want to replace the boot or bonnet. Anyone know if there is a paper template for drilling the badge post holes?
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome folks, much appreciated
  7. Hi, Richard, I know what you mean and I might still do that to an RS2000 rep but I really like the Mexico look. Still on the fence at the moment the more I think about it.............................
  8. Hi, Bought my first Mk1 Escort back in March just before lockdown. Originally a 1973 yellow 1.1 but now in Olympic Blue and running a 2.0 pinto & type 9 box, bought her from a chap near Norwich, maybe someone may know the car or had it when it was originally yellow. A long 400 mile trim up home to Edinburgh but never missed a beat and never had sp many folks beeping their car horn and thumb's up; grinned all the way home, these care are really loved and always seam to be admired. Need bits and pieces sorting like webber carb a bit rough on start up, exhaust knocking or som
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