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  1. As per thread title. Looking for a Ford Pinto EFI cylinder head
  2. Thanks Ray. Well in the absence of a press I am going to try and press the new bearings on, using my hydraulic bearing puller and actually draw the bearing into place.
  3. Thanks to both Ray and DT36 If you do have a pair I would be happy to buy them. Regards Tony
  4. Thanks dt36 I split the collars then used my S/P Bearing puller kit to pull the bearings off. Of course having split the collars I cannot now measure them. Regards Tony
  5. Does anyone know where I can buy the locking rings for the half shaft bearings. I got new SKF bearings from BRT but they cannot supply the lock rings. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. Hi I have a carb and manifold I just removed from a 1600 Sport. I will check Model Number PM me if you think it might be of interest
  7. Half shafts now sourced. Just a 4.1 Diff needed
  8. RS ones do seem to command a premium A pair on the Bay went for £160 plus carriage (I was out bid)
  9. Hi Folks Does anyone have a pair of RS Half shafts they would be prepared to sell ? I am also in the market for a English 4.1 diff assembly. Thanks
  10. Interesting. I am just pulling a 1600 Sport engine apart ready to turn it into a twincam
  11. Some bargains indeed, and I am just down the road from you in Whiteley
  12. A set of 4 AE Hepolite Powermax Pistons these are +.030 and appear to have been balanced. £125 delivered.
  13. Ford 1600 Crossflow reground crankshaft complete with bearings and thrusts, Lightened Flywheel and clutch. The whole assembly has been balanced. Asking £300 but again open to sensible offers (I also have the con rods and a set of new .030 pistons which I will list separately) NOW SOLD
  14. 1600 Crossflow big valve head. This is a head and valves (No Springs, Caps or Collets) Cylinder head has also been ported. This is part of the collection of engines and part I bought recently just to get the 3 - 711M blocks Asking £350 but open to sensible offers.
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