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  1. I am clearing out the workshop and have the following engine blocks for sale. Both blocks have been pressure tested by Saunders Motor Works Ltd and passed OK Block #1 is Std Bore but would benefit from a rebore to + .020 Block #2 is bored out + '090 The pressure testing alone cost £75 per block. Asking £275 each I have other 1600 X Flow parts so if you do not see what you need please PM me
  2. Back in the day we had one, not sure who made it but it made working on diffs a piece of cake. I am thinking I will just go ahead and knock one up.
  3. Does anyone in the UK manufacture a diff holding fixture for use with an English diff. I do not want to shell out £400 + for the OTC one
  4. Giving this a bump back up the list. No sensible offer refused. I have quite a few other 1600 Crossflow parts so send me a PM if there is something specific you are looking for.
  5. Yes it is a flat head, not sure of valve sizes but definitely could not fit any bigger valves. I think I advertised it on here with photos etc.
  6. I have 2. One Big Valve head minus springs etc that has been ported and polished. The other is off a 1600 Sport and that is complete with valves, springs, rockershaft, pushrods and rocker cover.
  7. I have 2 but neither is just bare casting, both are flat not pocketed..

    One is a big Valve Head complete with valves that has been ported and polished.

    The other is off a 1600 sport and that is complete with valves, springs rockershaft, rocker cover & pushrods.

  8. For sale is the complete top end i.e Cylinder Head, Rocker Shaft Push Rods from a 1600 Sport. These are as removed, no attempt to remove clean up the valves etc. £250 ono and I will include the tubular exhaust manifold. Collection only from Fareham Hampshire
  9. Where in Essex ? Just figuring if I can get it collected
  10. Thanks eeb43 this one is definitely 48.5
  11. Well not sure what the threads were originally in the anti roll bar mounting as they are non existent now, but that is no problem as they will be coming off anyway. Have just made some blanking plates to keep the shotblast stuff from getting inside
  12. Hi Folks Is there anyway to determine the origin of an English axle Flange to flange it measures 48 1/2" All threads are UNF
  13. Thanks for replying eeb43 I picked one up local today complete width RS half Shafts
  14. As per thread title I am looking for a good English axle. TIA Tony
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