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  1. You should be called Themagician! 👏👏👏
  2. Ok thanks will check that out tomorrow 👍 and put it to the top of my project Daisy list 😁
  3. Any ideas please? I’m re-locating the Coil & found this Blue/Green stripe wire which comes out of the wiring loom with the +LT wire 😳 have used multimeter & there’s no voltage.
  4. Stunning car mate well done 👏👏👏👏
  5. Hi the coil taken from the car has part No 711M 12029 AA and then 25 K 73 stamped on it does anyone know if it’s 1.5 or 3 ohm coil? Thanks
  6. Never thought of it as rolling repairs that helps cheers! Here’s today’s little progress, clean breather then check oil set up, it’s non-ballast with 12v at coil now checking what ohm the coil is.
  7. Please allow me to share with you some pics of my original standard escort Mk1 1300GT.....’Daisy’ I’ve owned her for 16 years, boy does time fly! (Sorry Daisy) In the right light and not looking too closely she’s a beauty.....she does have holes in places I’m sure a car shouldn’t have holes and I’m no mechanic, can’t paint too good, weld or name a lot of the parts on a car - BUT I try and I will not be beaten,- ‘she is what she is’ so, here are some photos warts an all - cheers Huge
  8. Oh and it’s got doors 😂 somebody must love it 😳
  9. Photo’d this Mk1 Capri waiting patiently - maybe an OSF user?
  10. Proper good job! Just read this from the start it’s great to see what can be achieved - very nice! I don’t have your skills or technical knowledge but I’m thinking of starting a project thread. Thanks for the inspiration 👍😁
  11. Huge

    Seen any good jokes?

    This will freak you out!
  12. Huge

    Old pics in books

    When everything made sense 😳🤔 No emails, no text speak to understand, just a simple “Breaker one-nine this here’s Rubber Duck we got ourselves a..........”
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