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  1. Daisy’s xflow engine thermostat is 53mm in diameter here’s a couple o pics Re Ockendon Motor spares as suggested by ‘notenoughtime’ 👍- great & easy to use website for spares for info 😁
  2. Yes mate that’s in ‘Chassis tweeks & Body mods’ 😂
  3. Maybe random but.... Does anyone know the diameter of the actual thermostat in Escort Mk1 crossflow? Ive ‘found’ a new one but it looks small 🤔 Thank you Daisy
  4. Done Daisy Driving....got big RON ⛽️ onboard & now at the seaside.......😎
  5. Very good point, I like this 👍 I do add Redex to the Fuel & today Daisy & I go in search of Big Ron ⛽️😂
  6. 👍 now I’m looking forward to your Escort Sport project .......you tease! 😂
  7. JB can I have first dibs on your ‘old’ inlet manifold wen you get sorted 😁 if it’s compatible wi Daisy.
  8. If it’s not your daily drive go with your heart not your head 🤔🤯
  9. Ummmmm glad I asked was just wondering if there was any benefit. I didn’t kno the ‘fishing tackle’ was in Daisy prior to refurbing the tank but I didn’t get pinking wen it was in their & wen I left Fuel in her sometimes for 9 months without use she would start no problem 👏👏 so perhaps ........
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