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  1. Brilliant scene only bettered by Basil reaching around the wall to turn on the light switch only to fiddle with Polly’s nipple! 😂
  2. They do nothing w/out a willing volunteer to stand in front of the car whilst I rev it & drive toward them 😳 whilst they hold the shovel against the wood to try & hold the ramps in place!!! Ps She’s well insured
  3. One coat etch primer, skin edge sealed & one coat of undercoat. Next is sand it, fill it blah blah
  4. Shiny Radiator arrived for Daisy thanks to scortedvan who recommended CoolExperts £139 inc vat & delivery 👍
  5. BIG thanks to you scortedvan Re CoolExperts just bought mine & it’s really nice! (Project Daisy)👍
  6. When is a Ramp not a Ramp? - When you can’t get your car on em! 😤
  7. Like this! So you’re on pre-MOT checks today, good luck & let us know how you get on 👍
  8. Re Daisy (47yrs old) - 6yrs ago I had to send off my V5 to have the tax class changed to Historic to ‘qualify/register’ for £0 tax. I did nothing else Re MOT & for the last 3yrs I’ve driven her without a MOT, it is only 2 days ago I took her for an MOT £39 & she passed. (Hope this helps or have I missed something?!)
  9. 😂 would you believe I’ve gone to a different welder - this one says oil drums give more height so he can get underneath! 🤔
  10. Good shout cheers & yes you need a bit of luck! Boot lid is good for 47 years & I may have found the man to repair some of the body work 👍
  11. Welcome to OSF! Liking this already keep us updated 😁👍
  12. Boot lid looks in good order, pic shows bare metal ready for etch primer to protect then filler etc......small 👣
  13. Shiny things arrived in the post today - must sort out the water pump heater hose b4 it leaks - but first must collect boot lid from blasters.
  14. Bit of a way for me but a definite maybe!
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