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  1. My experience is like many other peoples - good quality items received but sometimes poor communication with seller. With your location post can take a long time anyway & dare I mention an added delay due to covid 19 - my belief ....hold your nerve they will arrive 🤞oh & please keep OSF updated 🤔
  2. That’s great service! You must have a very good working relationship with the trimmers 👍 not cheap tho!
  3. Brenda looks very nice, are they LED’s underneath the grill FORD badge?
  4. The ramps are getting bolted.........🚧
  5. Could have done with that today at 30 degrees 😎🥵😂
  6. Yabadabadooo! Whoop whoop the shiny things! 😂
  7. Just deciding on the style of carpet & which underlay 😂
  8. Had the rust areas media blasted using plastic beads at 30psi to clean it & see if the metal was thin, no holes found so straight to etch primer...
  9. Day off y’day & work next week so Daisy again takes the back seat! Got these tho 1 shiny & 1 spare.......small 👣
  10. Can’t wait for some pics! Oh and I don’t understand you say..‘hopefully no more real expense to fork out for! Really? 😂😂
  11. Just read this & your years of frustration comes over loud & clear - it’s a great car build and if life was fair your efforts would be rewarded with a result that you cherish but..... I don’t think you’ll ever love the car 🤔 good luck with what you decide 👍
  12. Well done Scortedvan mate you should be more chuffed than a very chuffed thing 👍 your car is beeeaaauuutiful 😍 make sure you update us on the rolling road.
  13. Good news and a good feeling to have passed 😁 and have an independent set of eyes look over the car 👍
  14. Do the 2 (Tax/MOT) really need to be done at the same time for the first time? If your car is over 40yrs (from date of manufacture) it is Historic & qualifies for £0 tax. Maybe you need to SORN it now then on 1st Sept Tax it & submit V112 at the same time! I don’t know cos I’m crazy.........
  15. 😂 mines errr.....had more ‘stop Rad leak’ in it than coolant! it’s blingy and a car needs one 👍
  16. Right! I’m gonna try that & report back 👍
  17. WTF do you mean with a garage floor like that? THATS my best garage floor😂
  18. Brilliant scene only bettered by Basil reaching around the wall to turn on the light switch only to fiddle with Polly’s nipple! 😂
  19. They do nothing w/out a willing volunteer to stand in front of the car whilst I rev it & drive toward them 😳 whilst they hold the shovel against the wood to try & hold the ramps in place!!! Ps She’s well insured
  20. One coat etch primer, skin edge sealed & one coat of undercoat. Next is sand it, fill it blah blah
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